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Thoroughly Confused
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Yes, it makes perfect sense. Thank you for such a quick response!

I completely agree that we shouldn't fall back into hold, bad habits and from this consisent side of him (past two months) he's been the guy that I knew he could be. But I suppose my biggest fear is of being “that girl” who hangs around. I've expressed this to him as well. I care deeply about him and want to make things work, I think me sticking around after all the hardships shows that, but how do I get across to him that I can't be just hanging around forever until he decides he wants me back? He tells me that I'm not ‘that girl' because he's returning my feelings, he wants me around. I realize that it may be a self-sabatoge/image issue with him, but how can I change his perception of what we have if I keep up what we've been doing?