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Hey Denise,

Welcome to our little world and hopefully now yours.

What's up with him? He's a normal guy, believe it or not.
I'm a little unsure of your ages here and guessing late teens or early 20s. This is a tough time for both guys and gals when it comes to the opposite sex. Fear, self-esteem, uncertainty, bravado and so many more emotions are kicking in.

He's likely to be just as confused as you are too. Let's mirror this around now. Given his sporadic behavior, you'd likely be exhibiting similar peaks and troughs of closeness as well as distance. Let's try just one simple thing to start with, to give you both a little clarity.

Pull him aside and say ‘Hey, can I ask you a simple question to get my head straight and probably yours?'. Likely answer will be ‘Sure'
Question ‘I'm getting some mixed signals and it might be just my way of looking at the world. The question is “Do you like me and like to spend some quality time together?”‘

At first, you might be a little apprehensive in asking and I'll tell you this – without asking you're never going to really know and that's exactly what you need right now.