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    Thanks to this site, I’m now thinking (more than ever before) about my dating relationships with women and how to make them better than I’ve done in the past. Being a member of a community and support site like Geek and Jock really has piqued my interest on my past errors and, naturally, what can I do better for the women in my life. Hopefully, all this will one day lead to where I’m heading and that’s to have a full and loving life with the woman of my dreams.

    With this in mind and a few private messages back and forth with Martin (TheGeek), I decided to put my thoughts together around where I personally think guys can do better in making our gals happy. I hope this series of posts will support and help other guys because just thinking about them has given me a much clearer picture and way forward. I’ve no doubt I’ll stumble along the way but, hey, life is a learning experience, isn’t it?

    Middle Aged and some failed relationships later

    I’m probably much like a lot of you too. Middle aged, a few failed relationships notched up and some very confused signals about how the ladies think (as well as how they act and react too). I’ve also got a divorce that happened about 10 years ago and, currently, I’m just starting into a very very brand new relationship with a lady I’ve known for quite some time but now there’s a bit of a spark to be more than just friends. So I think I’m qualified just as much as anyone else in the world to blurt out my own thoughts on what I think makes women happy. Certainly do pipe in with agreement, disagreement or something to add.

    For today, here’s my first from a list of ten that I’ve jotted down:

    Never say ‘Never and Always’

    In my opinion, these are really inaccurate words to use in most conversations with your partner. As an example, it’s technically inaccurate that she never wears that cute nurses outfit. These words will tend to inflame a situation, especially when it’s a negative one. Try softer words like sometimes or I wish or even I feel. As a guy, we tend to ‘do battle’ and when dealing with a soft female, we all need to step down a peg or two and deal on a common footing which needs to be soft since the other party is a woman.

    Bear in mind there’s some great exceptions to this rule too.

    ‘Never’ and ‘Always’ are fantastic words when used in complimenting your partner. Try these on for size:

    ‘Baby, I always enjoy the feeling when you touch me’ .. Or
    ‘You never fail to be a beautiful woman’

    So today’s lesson is really around negative words which need to be avoided and soften your language. Let me know your comments and thoughts as I’d love to know people’s opinions. Next post is tomorrow so I hope you enjoy them.

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    Thanks for summoning up the courage to start this Gary – so very amazing and real advice from a guy who's been through it all. And probably like a lot of us.
    I remember one of my Law of Attraction seminars that other words to eradicate are Don't, Not and No – apparently the brain doesn't recognise them when used in language. Loved the Never and Always though – consider these stored away in my lil noggin.

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    “Never” is a particularly tricky word – especially depending on the context. I know I personally have received quite a wide variety of reactions from this word. Thanks for the insight though!

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