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    I hope you enjoyed my First of 10 Ways yesterday.

    Todays is about ‘Coming Home’ and your presence with your lady.

    What I mean is those times (and it could be all the time for some of us) when you come home from work, for example, and things are just routine. It's really a strong sign of an unhealthy relationship and situation which needs fixing.

    The scenario goes like this: You place down your briefcase, throw the keys in the bowl, rifle through some papers, say ‘Hi’ to the wife, give her that oh-so-common throw away kiss and go check your email or whatever else is in the routine. I know this happens as I’ve done it so many times myself in the past.

    When I actually noticed it in my life, it was like a light being turned on.

    Shit, how can I possibly be doing this to the one that I love so dearly and that means so much to me? I was taking her for granted and I’m so totally sure this scenario happens to a woman and her man. We’re all human and we all fall into habits that we let happen and don’t notice. Now I know we all can’t be ‘in the moment’ every single second of the day. That’d be just silly. However, when you are in her presence, it’s so vitally important to make the most of those moments and give it all you’ve got.

    No distractions.

    When she’s looking at you, absorb your lady since she’s your greatest treasure.

    She means everything to you and you have to let her know it. Forget yelling how you love her at the top of your voice. Just let the gaze simmer between you, the secret loving look that’s always been there. She knows it and so do you. She’ll know you care more than ever.

    That’s a habit worth developing, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Martin
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    Funny, I'm exactly like this – as in, needing my partner within my presence and giving me communication.
    Though certainly, ladies crave it, for the most part. And indeed, it must become a habit which you have to consciously work at to begin with. Once you do, a great habit starts to form.

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