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    Here we go again with my 3rd of 10 ways to bring the greatest happiness in your relationship to your lady. Did you check yesterday’s thought as well?


    You know how you laugh at your boss’ lame assed attempts at humour? Why is that? He’s not funny, he’s always cracking jokes that are rarely funny whatsoever, yet you laugh at them. It’s all because you’re trying to prove you respect him. Whoah, that leads me into exactly why we’ve got to be doing the same for our ladies.

    One of the biggest dangers in a marriage, and especially mature marriages, is we fall into yet another habit of subtly losing respect for one another. Laughter truly is the best medicine. It’s a tonic for your women’s woes so do exactly the same as you’d do for your boss. Your partner is so much more important than your boss, she deserves and needs your respect so when she makes an attempt at humour, laugh with her. Forget whether it’s funny to you. If it’s funny to her, go along with it, find the humour in some way and rekindle the respect.

    Laughing is a hugely powerful and positive emotion, just the same as respect. Doesn’t it make sense then to combine the two and reinforce the respect for your partner?

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