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    Thank you so much for following me along on my own little series of posts. Did you check the one on Laughing that I did yesterday?

    Todays is about ‘The Roar of Men’

    Most of us aren’t lions and, in fact, quite the opposite in that we’d prefer to keep the peace and coast along quietly. The sad fact is we lose sight of an important facet of being a man. Whether we like it or not, men have testosterone and we’re seen as leaders. Leaders insofar as needing to take charge within our own team or family unit.

    Be careful to not overstep this area though. I personally think both that both partners need to share responsibility and decision making for the greater part of things. However, there’s going to be times when we, as men, need to suck it up and ROAR. It’s probably not going to happen all that often either but when you’re in a confrontational situation, where reason and soft words have basically failed, be prepared to bark in total defense of your family. Examples of such situations might be a dispute with your neighbor, your mother, a teacher or bill collector – whatever the situation, take charge.

    I’ve done this myself in the past and let me tell you, your lady will respect you for it and it will strengthen the relationship.

    Guys need to be Lions, at times.

  • Mitch
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    Nice one, Gary.

    It's often a vague area as to when to roar and when not to. A matter of perception, lest our lady think she's being pressured, led or coalesced into something. Mind you, if you're in a truly loving relationship, they wouldn't (shouldn't) be any thought you're applying any sort of negativity into the situation.

    That said, females are still confusing hahahaha.

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