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    Yesterday, I posted about guys needing to have a bit of Lion In Us. Well, today, I’ll explain why we also need to have the direct opposite of that as well. And both go a long way to keeping your women happy and building towards an incredibly healthy relationship.

    The Meek Shall Inherit Our Woman

    Yeah, I know it’s a complete reversal and contradiction of what I wrote about yesterday but a husband / male partner needs to be versatile. A good player needs to know when to shoot one out of the park as well as knowing the right time to tap and run.

    When you’re in a ‘dog eat dog' business world; softness, kindness, tenderness and all those types of traits aren’t worth all that much (for the most part) but when it comes to being a husband, those attributes are pure gold.

    To be a fantastic partner to your lady, you need to totally value her opinion and counsel. A great partner trusts his woman to love him even though he might not be in command. When we’re confused and hurting, we’re at our most human state. And the best gift you can give your partner is to plainly and gracefully receive their help and assistance. It enriches both your lives, the giver and receiver alike.

    So go on and try it.

    When you’re confused about what’s going on (and aren’t we all lost at times when it comes to life in this great big abundant world), try gently whispering in your lady’s ear that you’re a touch confused and get her giving going.

    And what better way to cement that gift than with a warm cuddle for her? Want a healthy relationships activity – then try the cuddle!

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