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    What did you think of my post yesterday about the relationship qualities of Guy Meekness? If that’s a word ☺

    Be Mindful Of Sexual Reality

    We all know as men that the beautiful female needs closeness to feel sexual. And the huge pain in the ass with that is that males need sex to feel close.

    Could anyone have conjured up a larger dilemma than that, I ask you? Whoever invented these fundamental puzzles in love and relationships should be shot!

    Sexual and Romantic Relationship All In One

    I think there isn’t a right way or a wrong way to handle this. I think the only way is to always keep this reality topmost in your mind. Everyone’s situation is going to be different.

    However, closeness can certainly be random hugs and cuddles, holding her hand out in public as a very upfront expression of your affection for her, maybe a gentle back rub when you’re close together on the sofa or standing in the kitchen. You know what I mean though, show her affection and touching without being asked for it.

    Personally, this is a two way street too. Women need to keep this reality in mind as well. If we get what we want, they’ll get what they want. And if we give them what they crave, guess what we’ll get?

    Make sense?

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