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    This could probably be considered a continuation of yesterday’s post on Reality.

    Get good and love touching

    I’ve known for a long time that men are generally crap when it comes to the sacred art of ‘touch’.

    Now I don’t mean constantly going for a ‘boob grab’ either. We touch our partners far too infrequently. So many guys lose track of the fact that women lust after the closeness of touch whereas, I’m guessing, most men would be just as happy to worship their ladies’ caboose in a kitchen quickie and move on to soup.

    If you want to truly worship your ladies then the non-sexual touch is a potent and underused endorsement.

    • An affectionate double squeeze as you’re heading out the door.
    • Put a guiding hand, lightly and surely, on her lower back as you’re walking into a party or to your restaurant table.
    • Even while standing at the sink doing the dishes, come up behind her and give her a kiss on the back of her head.

    The Relationship Value

    And this is because you honestly and truly value her for who she is, your loving partner. Forget throwing in a quick and subtle pelvic thrust. That’s obviously going to totally spoil it all and she’ll get, probably, mighty pissed off.

    Just drop the kiss or whatever else touch and get the hell out of there. She’ll feel valued.

    Have any of you done this already? Any added spin you’d love to add?

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