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    How did everyone go with the last post on Touchy Touchy? Did you notice the positive relationship changes such a simple behaviour change can make? Did you put it into practise with your spouse?

    The Little Thing

    Oh, not that little thing ☺ Lots of ladies get really ticked off with the ‘Oblivious Syndrome’ we men often are afflicted with.

    You know when we’re looking directly in the pantry for the cereal, it’s right in front of our nose and we can’t see it? That sort of thing reflects in the little things in the kitchen like leaving a coffee cup lying around which they feel compelled to tidy up after you. Now I know it’s a little thing to even think of but she does, doesn’t she? And if she does then you are on notice that it also has to be important, in some small way.

    Happy Relationships Built On Small Things

    This isn’t about totally changing the way you, as a man, do things around the house. It’s about being a little more perceptive, taking a little more notice of ‘the little things’ that she does (and you don’t) and helping a little more on the things she does.

    And please don’t make a big song and dance about doing something you don’t normally do. She’ll pick up on anything you don’t normally do and, even if it’s just a small thing, you’ll certainly have more ‘ticks in the box’ as far as your partner goes.

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