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  • GaryNesbitt
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    Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post on The Little Things.

    She Ain’t Broke So don’t fix her

    We’re basically all wired the same, I think.

    We’re all individuals seeking acceptance for who we are. And we rarely change unless we first feel we’ve been accepted for who we are.

    Acceptance in the Relationship

    Women are no different to this but sometimes (maybe often) guys are always looking for ways to change our spouse or partner; without really accepting them FIRST for who they truly are. And once people feel they’re not required to change, growth happens.

    There's a great post on Balanced Relationships Through Acceptance I'd urge you all to check out too.

    You got into the relationship because they matched up with your own criteria – accept it!

    And then once acceptance has been well and truly established, grow together. You’re a couple, growth needs to be a partnership; with the mutual view in aiming to a better, balancd and healthier relationship.

  • Mitch
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    One of the things that confuse me is I'm in a state of constant confusion :)
    Often I think I'm the one that's broke as anything and everything I do seems wrong which ties in with their ‘silent' treatment – that's a weapon women quite often use to inflict mental torture on us (well, me anyway – anybody else get that?)

    So, for me, it isn't trying to fix something that I think might be broken but more so looking to discover how to move forward with the parts already, sometimes, working.

  • Martin
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    Hey Mitch,
    I think that state of confusion is with both men and women about the other gender. We'll all very different individuals and throw in gender and you get a huge melting pot of diverse thinking. Without being able to read another person's mind, we live in a state of unknowing.
    A very big shift in the way we deal with another person, especially your partner, is to move into a state of acceptance.

  • Ahsan
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    There should be mutual understanding between husband & wife. So it'll become happy marriage

  • Martin
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    Thanks for your comment, Ahsan.
    What do you personally think are the biggest areas that men and women go wrong when it comes to ‘understanding' though?

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