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    ice cream can lead to happiness, contribution, joy and givingThe things we learned from our partners.

    Yesterday, Pam and I were out doing a little shopping. And as is normally the case it soon became coffee time. Anyway, we ordered our coffees and were waiting patiently for them to be made. Two lovely older ladies walked up and ordered two small ice creams. They were asked what flavor topping they would like on their ice cream.

    One lady asked for caramel, at which point I joked with her about my preference for chocolate. She gave me a little nudge and called me ‘cheeky'.

    What I didn't see was Pam was watching and decided to also pay for the ladies ice creams. This was as much a surprise to me as it was to the two ladies. A surprise in a way, not that she had done it, but more so that most people [myself included] never really consider giving away something so small that has an impact on someone else's life.

    So with that small gift, my emotions ranged from elation, joy, amazement and happiness. Certainly, elation that I have learnt another life lesson. Joy in gaining the experience and a moment in time in seeing the smiles on the ladies faces. It was simply amazing overall and all this brought me happiness for the cost of an extra coffee.

    I wonder about other people's similar experiences. Do you have any?

  • Mitch
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    That's an eye opener for me as well, Martin. And thank you for the reminder that giving can be done in such a small way.
    I think that's why I like to see B1G1 being involved in your Geek and Jock site – giving goes both ways, doesn't it? Sharing the wealth, so to speak, I guess.

    I'm sure Paul Dunn has many similar stories he can share and blog about on here too. Leon Aarts too. Those interviews were marvellous.

  • julianblight
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    I love reading this experience of yours. Very interesting. Even small things you shared can be really appreciate.

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