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    I worked with this girl for about 5 months. She is nice, smart, really goodlooking and funny, however she was dating someone so i didnt do much about it and they had been dating for about 2 years. I did however get her to admit that if she wasnt dating him she would go out on a date with me. she recently broke up with him and everytime ive asked her out she cant go for some reason. she still flirts with me through texting but when the topic turns to us hangin out she stops responding to my texts. I no longer work with her and therefore dont see her at all. she also tried to set me up with her freind, and when i told her id rather hang out with her she typically didnt respond to the text.

    i have no idea what to think or do, i consider myself good with women and have never been confused like this before, please give me advice

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    A lot of women prefer to avoid confrontation, especially when it comes to dating someone who they really prefer to be just a friend.

    From what you say, she's always avoiding any and all advances from you so that initial suggestion that she would go out on a date with you was probably her way to let you down gently so you weren't unnecessarily hurt by a ‘No'.

    My suggestion?

    Forget her as a potential dating partner and get out there and find someone else. Certainly chat to her if you like her as a friend and keep it at that level – you never know though, she may well ask you out if you no longer persue her but that's an outside chance only.

    Find someone else.

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