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  • Laura Hollington
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    Okay, so a long time ago I noticed something unsettling about relationships: if you teat your bf/gf badly they tend to treat you better.
    I'm not saying that this happens in every relationship but it happens way to much not to be noticed.
    I have thought of 2 reasons for this:
    1.The person who ends up being treated badly likes the other too much, so they let things slide and don't draw the line.
    2.Every person has this inherent desire to be liked and accepted and when they are in love this need is enhanced.

    You could argue that the problem is in the person that is taking advantage of their SO but I disagree.

    Can anybody give me their experience or thoughts on this?

  • Martin
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    that's the Helper/Victim mentality at work I think and could also be a partnership with a sociopath.

    Every relationship has either person being strong in different areas. That's usually how things work. The trick is to be balanced about it all and not come from a position of power. Unfortunately, things don't always work that way. Power corrupts.

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