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  • Yvonne
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    Me and my boyfriend of 4 years on February 16 th Have talked about engagement a lot. My brother spoiled to me that he has asked my mom for her permission and that he already got a ring. I am happy because for so long i wanted this and waited for it. Lately with my nursing school , work , and therapy for my cardiac issues i find myself tense and worried about everything. My biggest worry has been if we are really in love.
    Through the month of December many of our friends have broken up and split apart before this we had our issues (no couple is perfect) but we were happy we argued less and we were supportive of everything for each other. Since being on break for school and the rush of coming back into it i feel like I am constantly asking y he is with me or y he loves me.
    He has work and his hobbies gym and x-box, sometimes I feel like we doing get enough time or the quality of the little time is not good. However when we are together everything just flows we are happy can do fun things talk about anything, do anything, and we don't fight. But, when we are apart i ask him almost every day if he loves me and why. I know he will always answer yes and because he loves me and couldn't imagine his life without me ( because this is his usual Answer). Even though I know he does with everything including sometimes i guess the fact that we don't have much time on Skype or phone i feel like I should just know and accept that I am lucky to have someone like him who loves me back.
    I know my questioning him everyday about that must drive him nuts and sometimes he does get annoyed and can't understand why I ask at all, I can't blame him because sometimes I don't even know why.
    What I wonder is , is it that I may be anxious for engagement and the step that it means, am I just overly happy or is it something deeper than that.

  • Martin
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    You answered your own question, Yvonne

    “accept that I am lucky to have someone like him who loves me back.'

    Be grateful and accept this since you're in the minority. A lot of people and couples crave for what you've got.

    Though you need to work on the nagging every day thing. Try resisting and ask him every second day – it would be driving him nuts so you were right again :)

  • Sandra
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    I always think that love=trust between the lovers. Without trust you end up in a difficult and painful relationship. Even if its normal that we (girls) always wonder if our partner is or is still into us. I guess at some point you can tell through his actions if he really is in love or not. In your case sounds like you should not worry at all!
    However, by re-reading your post it seems that is you who feel uncertain of going further down the path with him? could that be where your wonders come from?

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