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  • Yvonne
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    me and the ex broke up ending of June beginning of July. I was hurt torn and felt horrible. immediately after my friend had me on a dating website to boost up my self esteem tat was really low.
    After a little bit I med a guy on there that was everything i was looking for. other than the dating online a friend of mine and I hung out we both established we liked each other however he has a few issues of his own going through a break up that he had been going on and off with for over a year. so I took a step back from that and allowed myself to talk to the other guy from the site (lets call him A) “a” asked me out i hesitated for a while because i wasnt sure if it was too soon or not or if i should at all get myself in something that would result in the same way. for these last two weeks i thought i felt better finally things were settling down and i was back in school getting stuff done and busy. then this weekend I fell apart. friday morning i spoke to “A” we had an amazing conversation and everything was sweet and caring and nice. me and me friend ( we will call him M) had kept talking after all we stayed friends. after work I had agreed with “A” earlier that I would talk to him after work so I called his phone had been acting up for weeks and we have had issues communicating but he always found a way and so did i. but n contact I tried his residency hall and left a message but nothing same thing saurday and no call back even when i left my number with the residency hall. idk but to me this kind of feels like the whole thing with my ex all over again. the not calling and stuff. I am trying to have a little faith that maybe its nothing and he will get back to me on monday. “M” on fri called just to talk and tell me how he likes me and stuff but that feels confusing because of the fact hes going through his own troubles.

    with everything happening i cant help but wonder if i am trying to get back on the dating seen the wrong way . My ex recently also told me he has a new girl and how terrile i was and how much better the new one is and how he never wanted space to deal with his fam and issues he just wanted to get out because he found better.
    I feel like a part of me is putting that feeling on this weekend towards y “A” hasnt called .

    I want to start dating again I just think i dont know how or the right way to online date or anything. I seem to pic out the worst guys i just done know

  • Martin
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    Hey Yvonna.
    Apologies in the delay in replying. Got a few health issues happening with the family at the moment as well as moving this site to a bigger VPS server and ironing out some bugs blah blah.

    OK, [1] forget what your fucking ex is telling you, OK? It's likely it's all about pumping up his ego and winning … or at least thinking you think that. Forget him and whatever he tells you.

    [2] On the ‘A' guy, it's new and remember there's this weird no-call-back dating crap going on in some people's heads.

    [3] But more important, I'm really guessing you haven't read my posts on getting clear on who it is you want in your life and giving that focus. You might well have the notion of you ‘ex' so that's the BS you will attract.

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