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    The Seed of a Great Idea imageAn interesting thought I just had was around a core concept of our site and that's about ‘giving back' to the community.

    We're currently looking at a number of organisations that dovetail into giving causes. B1G1, ExtraOrdinary Ones as well as the Sage Foundation are the current ones that both TheJock and myself are talking to.

    Reinforcing a positive mental attitude with give back strengthens belief in a greater good as well as creating a path towards connecting with your own humanity – and that's got to be a fantastic thing. B1G1 has some interesting and diverse projects going on which include providing clean drinking water to a child for 1c per day or $5 for life – WOW! ExtraOrdinary Ones is all about food and feeding kids. Even these areas are around providing basic food and water to those less privileged than ourselves. What are your thoughts on these initial ideas?

    We're visualising that a simple process of clicking on Adsense Advertising on the site is enough to start the process of giving back and it doesn't cost anyone to do it. Easy, simple and effective giving back to work towards a brighter and healthier mental framework.


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    I certainly like what you'll end up doing here Geek.
    I've found that giving back almost always has the ‘giver' receiving abundance in return. That's a powerful thing.
    I wonder what Paul Dunn and Leon Aarts have to say on this thread since their businesses are all about giving back and charities? Them giving social coverage to this site would then give them more coverage and potential – well, that's where my thoughts lead.

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