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    sorry – Of a person preferring to undo an act.
    “I am sorry for making you sad today. I love you and I'll do better in future.”
    saying-sorry-seems-to-be-so-difficultDoes anyone else find it odd that the most difficult word to express to someone you love is ‘sorry'?
    There's one line of thought that suggests you as a person have absolutely nothing at all to be sorry about to another person. As in, you're your person and if someone else has an issue with what you are doing or who you are then it's entirely their challenge and has nothing to do with you.
    The other side of the coin is if you've done something that upsets, saddens, stresses or worries someone that you love AND you know it does, shouldn't the obvious thing to do is to let that person know that you're sorry to have caused them the pain? It's one thing to explain how you feel or why you did it but the simple act of saying ‘sorry' simply shows you care about the other person's feelings and tells them that you are also remorseful in hurting them.
    It's important to get this understood in relationships as it can be an instant fix with issues of trust, jealousy and insecurity. I wrote about those in another post so please do have a look at that one too. It's all about good communication and conversation.
    Do you have challenges saying the ‘sorry' word too?
    Or disagree? Let us know in the comments below.
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    It is also important to not abuse the word – only say it if you mean it! Otherwise, the “softening” effect of the word will dissipate over time.

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    Oh so true and thanks for the comment.
    Sorry needs to be honest and never over-abused or used as an excuse for laziness or simply wanting to avoid an action.

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