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  • Amanda
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    I currently live with a guy who I have been seeing off and on for over a year.

    Our “relationship” has come a long way. Presently he says he only wants to see me and has felt that way since we met, yet he doesn't want to label us BF/GF.

    He says I get everything I want, yet complain to him about one small thing, a title.

    Am I being to harsh on him? He has been doing a lot more emotionally/communicatively lately.
    Please, any advice will help.

  • Martin
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    Hi Amanda and great to see you posting.

    Can I ask why this title is so important to YOU? Is it so you can label this guy to others i.e. referencing to your friends that he is your boyfriend? Is it to get clear that he isn't just a fuck-buddy but more important from a relationship point of view? Is it a mental thing so you're more clear of your situation?

    I know placing labels on people has it's important but want to better understand why it's actually important to you.

    Can you elaborate a little for me?

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