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    Every Friday there is a lunch event for members in a club that this guy and I are a part of.
    We sometimes have a low turn out, so I contacted a few people via facebook that initially said they were interested and asked for their confirmation in attending the lunch.

    This was in April, I never met him at a lunch event but he had expressed interest prior. So when I contacted him for confirmation, he said he wasn’t coming. He sends me a friend request, and we become “friends” and that was it.

    Then in May a close relative of his died, so I send my condolences and share my story (about a close relative of mine passing away) and offered to listen if ever he just wanted to vent (cause I knew from experience, that venting to someone who wouldn’t judge me and just listen, really helped me a LOT).

    He’s so touched by my kindness, he says we ALL should meet for lunch or dinner (he means like at an event for members), it never happens and that’s that.

    Then last week Saturday, I see him at an event, but I don’t introduce myself because I figure he wouldn’t remember me, since we only chatted twice on fb.

    Then I see him again, at another event on Sunday. I’ve just met two new people (both are women), and we’re talking. A lull takes place in the convo and per chance I turn my head and we make eye contact from across the room. I smile and he says hi and introduces himself to me and I reciprocate by saying my full name. Mind you he’s still across the room, more than twelve feet away with several objects standing between us (e.g. table, chairs, etc).

    And that’s it! The convo is over. He turns and starts talking to a guy standing next to him. He completely ignores the two women standing next to me, by not even introducing himself.

    So on fb, I send him a msg, saying it was nice to finally meet him and I look forward to seeing him at future events. He didn’t know it was me. Apparently, I just told him my nickname and never introduced myself by my full name to him before. So he told me that next time, to just say my nickname as that will “click” for him.

    Monday we were discussing a t.v. show we both watch. And every single text he sends has “hahaha” or “haha” or “lol” in the beginning or middle of the text line.

    I get annoyed so the convo fizzles.

    Then I see him yesterday at another event at a different place, and he looks shocked to see me. I smile and say hi, he smiles and says hi and then he says “I didn’t get any sleep”. I didn’t hear him, cause he was walking away from me and talking with a big box in his hand. And I never asked him how are you, so it was a kinda weird random comment.

    So I text him later and asked him what he said earlier that I didn’t hear him clearly. And again!!! The haha’s fill the convo.

    Why does he have to say “haha” or “hahahahaha” in every text he sends?! It’s so annoying!!! Is he just being polite? For example, he doesn’t want to talk to me, and since he can’t end the convo, he feels obliged to annoy me with “haha”s until I myself end the convo?

    Either way, I find it very strange. But if you tell me that it’s typical for some people, then I guess it would make sense and I’ll just talk to him less.

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    Well on the surface of it, it is a little unusual.
    Ever thought he might be a little stuck for words but wants to say something in reply? He might even be shy and is fumbling with the hahahahas
    And if he's interested in you, it could be a sign of being nervous too.
    Have you told him you get annoyed by it or asked him directly what the hahahahas mean?

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    I once had a guy interested in me who did this too.
    Turns out from what my girlfriends said that the guy was stuck for words and nervous. Maybe this fellow is the same?

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