Relationships – They Ebb and Flow For a Reason

we are just sand on the beach of life

We are just sand on the beach of life

Think back on all the people you no longer have anything to do with now.

There’s probably quite a few, if you’re anything like me.

You once had the best of friends and some of them are no longer active in your lives, despite the strong bonds you had back in the day.

Now place yourself back in one of those times and look forward to see all the new people that are now in your life.

When it comes to relationships and people, there’s this other sort of balance we rarely give any mind to.


The Balance of Purpose

We might be at the top of the food chain but when it comes to maintaining strong bonds and ties ‘to and from’ the people we hold in our hearts, that’s very much a finite number.

  • Think of Ebb and Flow as ‘Life’s Timing’.
  • Synchronicity.
  • Universal Abundance.

Nothing in life is coincidence.

Everything happens for a reason, though most of us will be blind to the WHY.

We’re all here to learn lessons in growth.


Relationships End and Begin Anew

The cycle begins from what we learn as youngsters.

Parents can only teach you relationship foundations, from their experiences.

But since we’re all wired differently to our loving parents, our lessons are going to be different.

The Dating Cycle begins – we have to start somewhere and begin the acts of discovery.

The friend bonds start with those we resonate with, for the current lessons we’re neck-deep in – they’ll either stay because they’re needed or they’ll leave since they’re not.

It just is.


Same Goes for Intimacy – The Learning Cycle

The dating lessons are usually the toughest to learn since there’s so much deep emotional scarring, usually. It’s still a great lesson in humility as well as success.


I still remember the pain from my first ‘serious’ dating relationship when we broke up.

I honestly had thoughts of ending it all. I was unable to get her out of my head. The friends I had then we an absolute blessing in that time. I coped with their support.

And the ebb and flow was, even then, at work.

Those best of friends I no longer see as I have new best friends helping me in my current situation.


Heartbreak Is Good?

  • I learnt lessons in not being a total dickhead when it comes to people, in general – I learnt that, eventually.
  • I learnt the characteristics of women that I liked and some I didn’t like, so much.
  • I learnt about sharing.
  • I learnt that the experience of sex is vastly different for women than it was for men.
  • I learnt I wasn’t the most important person in the universe – most young people will eventually learn this tough lesson once their brain’s mature.
  • I learnt friends will pick a side and only one.
  • I learnt about forgiveness.
  • I learnt life is worth living for.
  • I learnt there’s many more fish in the sea and people are wonderful to experience and be around since everyone is a mentor, in some way.

Life’s Timing.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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