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Religion, Ethnicity, And Dating

What challenges are there for those dating someone from another background or with different religious beliefs?

Although it is proven that relationships tend to work better if there is some degree of common ground, does it have to be common religious or ethnic backgrounds?

If you are black do you only feel comfortable searching for black relationships, or is a race not an issue?

This article discusses religion, ethnicity, and dating.

Mixed backgrounds and oh so happy too
Mixed backgrounds and oh so happy too


How Important Is Religion?

Online dating sites such as offer the chance for you to narrow down your search and only meet other singles who share your religious beliefs. But are relationships more successful when both parties share the same faith?

A lot of people would say yes, but many others disagree.

Many couples who share a deep love are compatible on other important levels but come from different faiths. They believe that as long as they treat each other’s opinions with respect and don’t try and force their view as being superior, religious differences aren’t problematic.

A lot of couples believe in learning about each other’s faiths, visiting their places of religious worship, and opening up their minds to other experiences.


Can A Relationship Work When You Come From Very Different Backgrounds?

The short answer is yes.

With interracial and interfaith marriages becoming more and more common, people are growing up with a greater understanding and respect for people who have different lifestyles.

It is important that your partner respects your religious views and doesn’t try to force you to give them up so that you can be together.

Sharing your life with someone who has grown up with very different experiences can be enlightening and interesting, allowing you to learn about another culture, which you probably would have no experience of otherwise.

Compatibility can work on different levels and it is all about what is most important to you.

Life goals, family values, and spirituality are often deal-breakers in a relationship, but you can share the same views on these things even if you come from very different backgrounds.


Taking The Next Step In The Relationship

If you have found someone from a different race or religion who you are compatible with then you will probably want to take the next step.

It is important to respect each other’s religious and cultural beliefs when planning a wedding – incorporating different elements that are important to both of you.

Celebrating a fusion of beliefs can be a unique and magical moment.

different cultural beliefs can work in a relationship
Different cultural beliefs can work in a relationship

It can be easier to be with someone of the same belief and background, but you shouldn’t rule anyone out automatically because of their differences.

If you are attracted to one another and you share the same passions in life then see if you can learn to respect your differences and create a beautiful relationship together.


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6 thoughts on “Religion, Ethnicity And Dating – It Can All Work”
  1. I see that very often, people being frowned upon.The idea of beauty is directly proportional to the color of skin, which is quite annoying..I have an American friend, black American..and things work pretty fine between us, it never struck me how he looks and what his ethnicity is, he is a wonderful person in the end, that is what matters..
    I am friends with people from different countries and yes, i have seen your skin color and the way you look, can help you get a lot of admirers :P

    1. Great comment, Richie.
      Pam (who has brown skin) and I are always talking about how people are biased towards skin colour. It’s always been something I’ve never ever paid any mind to as it has no bearing on a person or how they behave towards others.
      Why do people think this way?

  2. I’m in an interracial relationship and, while there has been a lot of explaining to do from both sides, it’s been really fulfilling in a lot of surprising ways. The struggles we’ve had make our marriage feel richer.

  3. Understanding, love and compatibility is all what matters in a relationship and religion, caste, ethnicity to me are just the things created by society. We all are human beings in the end..Respecting differences and showing due respect to your partner’s beliefs and thoughts, things can be easier..If your frequency and wavelength matches, rest everything becomes secondary..

    1. Very good points, Richa.
      Well, in an ideal world, at least, they are.
      Don’t you still see cultures where differences in skin colour are still frowned upon though? How do you get away from that?

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