Product Reviews Bring Additional Product Exposure


Preface: We now run monthly or fortnightly Giveaways on GeekandJock – that's an added bonus (for product exposure and branding) for anyone considering a Product Review. Now read on …

We’ve never ever recommended a product or service to anyone that we’ve not tried and loved ourselves. With that in mind, we also won’t review a product that we haven’t personally tried, so please don’t send us a product or press release and expect us to automatically sing your praises.

You probably think you have a really great product, and you probably do… If it’s a good fit then we’re happy to check it out. Email me at


Items that are a good fit for this blog:

  • Relationship guides, books or audios
  • Sex products
    • Toys
    • Video
    • Accessories
  • Health related items
    • Exercise gear
    • Exercise clothing – male or female. My wife Pam would do the review for the latter
  • Lifestyle Related
    • Travel
    • Gadgets


Our Review Criteria

We do not accept payment for product reviews however we do expect you to send us the product for free.

We also do not return products once we’ve reviewed them.

And after we try your product, we’ll decide whether or not to review the product on the GeekandJock. We rarely post about products we don’t love. We may post about your product on the main blog as its own post, in the sidebar of the main blog or incorporated into another post.

Our reviews are our own opinions, based exclusively on our experience with your product.

Please do include image collateral, via email, to make our review post an easy one to put together too.


Would you like to run a contest on GeekandJock?

Winning really is everything

Sounds great. Everyone loves a contest (our readers included).

Normally, a giveaway would be in conjunction with the review post. If you are not interested in a product review, then there may be an additional fee for hosting the giveaway.

Please don’t mail the prizes to us. We’ll let you know who the winners are and you can ship directly to them. You must be able to ship the prize within 2-3 weeks.

Also, we’re rarely going to make our readers jump through hoops to enter. Please don’t ask us to do contests where people have to write anything, visit a web site, register at a website, or anything along those lines. If you want to have a contest like that, you’re gonna have to up the ante to make it worth it for our readers.

Email me at and we’ll let you know if the prize is a good fit for the GeekandJock blog.


What do we do with all the products sent to us?

Most of the time we’re simply going to keep the product— especially if we loved it. Love it, keep it, talk about it and spread the message.

Some products we review and most products we choose not to review will go to a local shelter or other charity. If your product is unsafe, tastes gross or doesn’t work (or perform) as we’d expect, it’ll go straight into the rubbish bin.

If you have questions about how any of this works, email us at