Demi and Ashton Could Have Saved The Marriage

No More Moore

Christ, it’s happened again, in celebrity world.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have announced they’re splitting up.

Just when you thought there might be a chance of a workable Hollywood union, they come along and screw it up.


On The Surface

  • Beautiful People
  • Seemingly and totally in love
  • Workable partnership
  • Sharing time and effort
  • Mutual and public respect for each other
  • … The list goes on


The Pressure Cooker Of Life?

Celebrities just seem to give up on things faster than most.

Yeah, sure, the limelight is on them.

They’re juggling multi-million dollar businesses and movie contracts.

Their personal business performance has a direct impact on a mega-million dollar movies’ success or failure and then they’ve got to squeeze in some personal life in there.

Get a life, you guys! Everyone in the world has these stress levels and we’re in their battling to continue successful personal lives.


Give Up Or Prioritise Life?

I wonder what Hollywood marriages would be like if both partners sat down and readjusted their hectic schedules?

From what I can see, Mrs Kutcher attempted to do the right thing.

Her movie career wasn’t all that active, with Ashton’s taking off. Lots of activity and limelight for him and that might have been his downfall.

With a high profile persona being continually in the press, there comes the attentions of those who want a piece of that action.


What’s the Action?

Lustful and abundant sex is the action and there’ll be plenty of it on offer.

infidelity with ashton kutcher
Click for larger view
infidelity with ashton kutcher
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Famous and popular people have groupies in abundance. Let your guard down for a moment and you’ll become their target.

Kutcher has had the spotlight placed on him on at least two occasions with rumoured dalliances.

Sure, he’s going to deny it.

That’s the rub – no matter whether he’s innocent or guilty of adultery, the press will tear him a new asshole.

Fling enough mud and it’ll stick.

Growing media attention would be an enormous strain on any relationship.


Protection At All Cost

I recently wrote When Is It Cheating and when it comes to celebrities, they need to guard themselves even more so against potentially harmful incidents.

Think of the humble work Christmas party.

There’s the chance you’ll have a few drinks and so will everyone else, including those of the opposite gender.

Nothing like a kiss under the mistletoe, is there? That’s phase one. Can you imagine what can happen next? Yeah, sometimes the rest can be history.

Now think of the situations Ashton Kutcher must have been placed in.

Nights away from Demi and the rest of the family.

Long distance.

Women seeing a handsome movie star alone and, at times, needing some company. It would have been challenging for him not to fall pray to gorgeous women.


If True, Adultery Will Be Your Downfall

I’m equally certain Demi Moore would have been confident he’s been poking where he shouldn’t have. She adores her lifestyle and family life – no one gives that up on a whim.

Lack of protection and infidelity has been discovered and proven the downfall of yet another misfortunate celebrity.

Will they ever learn?


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One thought on “Demi and Ashton Could Have Saved The Marriage”
  1. These people haven't the first clue when it comes to relationships and maintaining them.

    Kutcher seems to be a party animal taking advantage of his fame as well as taking advantage of the pussy that follows Hollywood fame. I do pity Demi though. She seems to have her priorities set properly. Unfortunate for her that her young piece of ass found other young ass.

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