use the Gene Simmons Tongue technique with the next sex session

Sexual Health Is Important

Gene Simmons believes the key to a happy marriage is a healthy sex life.

Try new things and try a few times since either of you might stumble the first time.

The KISS bass player tied the knot with his girlfriend of 28 years, Shannon Tweed, in October despite previously claiming he would never marry and Gene admitted it is the couple’s wild antics in the bedroom that have kept them together for so long.


Why Is Sex So Important?

For starters, it most certainly IS an intimate expression of love.

Sure, there are other ways to express love.

sexual health in marriage can also be fun too
Sexual health in marriage can also be fun too

But tell me what is the most intimate and the one that is ONLY shared between two loving people?

The act of lovemaking is the only sacred experience.

And sex is an expression of communication, trust, affection, comfort, and security.


Where Do Humans Go Wrong?

We’re about the only animal on the planet that weaves so many different forms of negative emotion into the sexual act.

  • We mistrust the intentions of our partner
  • Sex is often used as a weapon
  • It’s often withheld or reluctantly given
  • The energy levels often dwindle or one partner seems to be left to do the heavy lifting
  • Lack of interest or experimentation leads to further lack of interest


That Guy With The Tongue Is Really Using It


I grew up with KISS and the antics of Gene Simmons.

While he might be a little weird and attention-seeking these days, he was a rock star in his day.

That signature ‘tongue curled out while playing the guitar’ was such a classic look that people still use it today.

From the sounds of it, that tongue is still being put to a variety of good uses in the bedroom with Shannon Tweed.


Variety and Excitement

Areas that keep relationships alive, sexually healthy, and vital are around variety, spice, and exploring the unknown together.

Together means everyone involved must be committed and understand the value and benefits.

If you both sat at home watching the television, it’s likely you’re both going to quickly get bored out of your brains.

The same goes for sex.

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed have obviously discovered the ‘secret sauce’ and kudos to them.

Despite what you might think of his outlandish behaviors, their relationship is going from strength to strength.


What’s The Learning?

  • Be Sexually Committed.

While your current relationship bonds include financial and emotional paths, ensure there’s also a mutual agreement that your sex lives are important. You’re both on the life journey together.

All aspects of that adventure require commitment, work, exploration, and mutual experimentation


  • Keep It Playful.

Life really isn’t meant to be a chore. And neither is the loving act of sex, between two consenting adults in a respectful partnership.

Enjoy sex. Have fun with it. Try new things and try a few times since either of you might stumble the first time. Have a laugh if a new position doesn’t go according to plan the first time – after all, doesn’t that usually happen with anything in life?

Walk around the house naked together. Do it on a piece of furniture you normally wouldn’t. Keep the blinds open. The idea of possibly getting caught makes it that much more fun.


  • Enjoy and Expand.

Pick yourselves up and agree this is good for us and let’s have another go.

Happiness and fulfilling sex life is key to a successful marriage or relationship.

Enjoy the pleasures of who you both are and constantly expand your understanding and repertoire.

Keep adding new flavors to that secret sauce and enjoy the taste.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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6 thoughts on “Sex Is Key To A Happy Marriage”
  1. I agree with your points. For successful marriage or relationship healthy sex life is important. It makes marriage life happier & ever last

  2. I always thought it would have been communication but my biggest surprise was because guys and gals talk in different ways, things get misunderstood. And when that happens, sex goes out the window. And when that happens, things just go even more strange LOL

    I've only recently rediscovered sex in an uninhibited way with hubby and let me tell you, it makes the world of difference, it really does!

    1. Now that's a great discovery for you and your husband!
      As @sexbait said in her comment, communication and sex are a combined experience, with sex needing open communication to be really successful and pleasing for both parties.
      We're often caught up in failing to tell our partners what we really would like and are disappointed in not getting it :) Tell it the way it is to get what it is you want.

      My recent post Why Sex Toys Are Great for Relationships

  3. Hmm, at it's very core, sex is an extension of good communication, if you ask me lol

    If you don't talk to your man about the type of sex you like and ask him for his preferences, you're never going to have a great fuck-fest, if you ask me lol

    I do like Gene's tongue though Ooooooo

    1. A good comment as always, sexbait and I think I'll pass on any comments regarding Gene Simmon's tongue usage :)

      Communication is most certainly required. This isn't saying that sex is of prime importance but moreso saying it's an important 'key' the successful dynamics of a relationship with longevity – there's a difference. Communication is a fundemental foundation whilst sex and the mutual enjoyment of sex is a cornerstone.
      My recent post You Can Maintain A Spicy Relationship

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