Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes

Sex Toys – Yah or Nah?

Be a little adventurous then there is plenty of fun to be had

After you’ve been in a relationship for a few years, it’s easy to let things in the bedroom slip into a repetitive routine, each time you get intimate.

Once you start having kids then that usually serves to accelerate the steady decline in your sexual activity.


Climb or Decline?

This is not necessarily as common as you might think, or so some will have you believe, but most of the people I know who have been in long-term relationships share the same sorry tale.

If you want to either avoid this situation or indeed would like to turn things around and steer your relationship towards something far more exciting and rewarding in the bedroom, then you need to be creative.

This is easier said than done, but if you and your partner are willing to be a little adventurous then there is plenty of fun to be had.

This is obviously a pretty big step for most people, but sex toys are mainstream now and the best sex toys and best vibrators truly live up to their billing as offering guaranteed orgasms.


Subtle Suggestion Is The Key

Many girls have some sort of sex toy these days, but even so, you still need to be subtle when you suggest introducing it to your relationship.

For example, you could casually mention that lubricants and vibrators seem to be freely available in your local drug store and that this seems to signal changing attitudes.

In fact, using lubricants is a great way to start experimenting with something different because it possesses an element of edginess and almost sparks a sense of adventure.


Should You or Shouldn’t You?

How you introduce sex toys to a relationship is ultimately down to you, your particular situation, and how confident you are that your partner will be open to the idea.

While men can feel threatened by a sex toy, there is no need for this because it is not going to replace you. The best advice is to learn how to use it so that you can share in your partner’s pleasure.

There are hundreds of sites that can offer all the advice you need in terms of what to buy and what to expect so there is no reason not to explore this.

Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes
Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes
Where’s this one destined for?

Judging by the reactions of those who have crossed the divide, most of them wish they hadn’t waited so long.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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Addison is a thirty something writer and sex toy enthusiast, who regularly tests and reviews sex toys for a number of publications. Addison also regularly writes about sex and relationships.

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10 thoughts on “Why Sex Toys Are Great for Relationships”
    1. Oh my, I’m sorry I missed your comment, James and I hope I’m not too late to lend a hand (so to speak).
      Firstly, I’d like to ask whether you’ve had any luck so far in introducing toys?
      Have you casually mentioned that some of the guys at work said their girlfriends found it an interesting experience and wondered what she thought? It isn’t any way an admission of dissatisfaction either and more an enhancement if both parties have a willingness. There can be no forcefulness used whatsoever.

  1. Yes I have also noticed the presence of vibrating rings in drugstores next to the condom section. Also some recent movies like “Hysteria” prove that sex toys are not bad, in fact they are a nice addition to the bedroom and they really have a great impact on your pleasure. All I wish is that more people use them!

    I took a peek on the website above ( and found their selection of rings and I really liked the pictures they show, sometimes it’s very unclear how large these really are but they are demonstrated on rubber “models” for a perfect size indication.

  2. Wow, that youtube video of vintage sex toys really made me smile! :)

    Anyway, I firmly believe that sex toys are one way of enhancing your sexual activities with your partner! ALthough, you need some patience in teaching them. :P

    1. Thanks for the visit and comment, Brian.
      I’m going to ask you the ‘why’ question though.
      Why do you think sex toys are important? What’s been your own personal experiences since you also noted patience in teaching your partner – have you had some challenges there?

      1. Its important because it shows open mindedness and willingness to try new things with your partner. If you have this mutual understanding, its more of a sign that you have a good relationship that’s full of honesty and pleasure.

  3. Totally agree, a subtle introduction of sex toys into a relationship is a great way to re-ignite the fireworks!!

    1. Thanks for your comment and visit, Martin.
      What kind of sex toys have you used in your relationship and how were they initially introduced?
      I’m sure our readers would be really interested in your own real life experience.

  4. I am not yet sure Sex toy has benefit to improve relationship but its interesting post for lovers

  5. Yes, it's very true lubricants are used widely and are found in drug stores, In fact I have even noticed vibrating rings popping up next to the condom selection in stores, it;s nice to see a movement towards better sexual pleasure.

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