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If you’ve recently started dating someone and things are starting to go well, at some point you’ll probably start to wonder whether you’ve discovered a compatible partner.

Things might be progressing nicely, but how do you really know that the two of you are going to continue to enjoy each other’s company, and be able to make a life together?

Compatibility is a complex thing based on many factors.

Here are a few things to think about when you’re deciding whether or not to get more involved with someone.

Now that's the life for all of us

Now that’s the life for all of us


Do You Share Interests?

Having at least a few common interests is essential to compatibility.

Do you both enjoy camping on the weekends?

Perhaps you have an interest in discovering the best coffee in town or one day working for yourself.

You might enjoy musicals or food festivals or the same kind of music.

Your interests don’t have to be an exact match: you only have to share a few key ones so you can enjoy them and discover more together.


Have You Got A Similar Moral Compass?

This is a question of ethics – the things that make up your attitudes to honesty, trust and how you interact with the world around you.

A relationship can’t work if one partner disrespects the other’s sense of ethical boundaries.

Think about questions like, if you found some cash on the street, how would you respond?

Would you be against saying you were on your honeymoon in order to get an upgrade on a flight?

If your instincts are the same, you’re more suited to one another.

You do enjoy each other's values, yes?

You do enjoy each other’s values, yes?


Do They Make You Feel Special?

Your partner should be the person who makes you feel great about being yourself.

If you’re always worried about pleasing them, or if they’re willing to ditch plans you’ve made together to spend time with friends, you’ll end up feeling like you’re not high on their list of priorities.

That will leave you feeling inadequate – hardly ideal for your major relationship.


Are You Comfortable Together?

It’s important that you can be completely relaxed in your partner’s presence.

This is achieved over time, but closeness and growth in a relationship is measured in little milestones – for example, caring for one another when illness occurs, wearing your daggiest clothes and sprawling on the couch for a day, or sharing your vulnerabilities.

To explore the concept of compatibility creatively, eHarmony recently ran a filmmaking competition, offering $10,000 to the winning video that answered the question “What is compatibility?”

Over 40 entrants responded with films in different aspects of compatibility, such as humour, character, romantic passion and conflict resolution.

And the winning video:

It’s on the topic of communication and is a playful series of interactions set in a coffee shop, entirely without speech.

Somehow, the two people involved manage to say so much without even opening their mouths

If you’re still looking to find a compatible partner, why not try online dating?


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