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A Challenge That’s Worth the Distance

Be positive in everything you do.

Long distance relationships can be very challenging, especially if you’re thousands of miles apart.

It’s hard to maintain a good relationship when the other person is away from you.

When you go to college, making a long-distance relationship work can be tough.

So here are some useful tips on how to make your relationship successful:


Display Your Love

Show your loved one how thoughtful and sweet you are.

display the love you feel

Display the love you feel – there are so many ways that you can

Every other week, try to send a handwritten love letter to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

A handwritten letter has a more personal touch compared to emails or text messages.

If you want to make it more romantic, try to write a poem, send some flowers, chocolates, or personalized gifts to make your loved one feel extra special.


Be Positive

Try to be positive in everything you do.

According to Dr. Gregory Guldner, author of the book “Long Distance Relationships: The Complete Guide,” couples who look at their separation from a positive view are more likely to make their long-distance relationship work.

Try to take advantage of nurturing your own personal growth such as studying in a good university.

You might be away from your special someone but it will still be a good thing for you both.


Busy, Busy, Busy

Keep yourself busy.

Try to keep yourself busy while waiting for your boyfriend or girlfriend’s call or message.

You can keep yourself more productive and busy by joining organizations, or spending time with your friends, or simply by studying hard.

Such activities will help divert your attention and reduces the loneliness you may feel in the absence of your loved one.


Keep To The Plan, Stan

Schedule dates and plan visits.

Remember all the special dates you’ve scheduled such as anniversaries or birthdays.

Take some effort to visit your boyfriend or girlfriend as scheduled.

Setting up the dates in advance will keep you both excited and therefore, look forward to seeing each other again.


Remember Facetime Too

You can also plan some visits during vacations and think of fun and worthwhile activities to keep you both happy.

Take note that making long-distance relationships work takes a lot of effort, commitment, and determination.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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