common fantasties for men and women

OK, let’s kick things off with the ‘typical’ Top 5 fantasties that are widely publicised.
Read through and then enter yours – it’s really quick to do.

Top 5 Fantasies of Men:

  • Three’s company – involves having sex with multiple women at the same time.
  • Giving up Control – about doing the exact opposite and completely giving up control to a woman.
  • Watching – a single woman ‘get off’ or watching a couple having sex
  • A Change of Scenery – ‘Location, location’. Sex in specific places is one of the most exciting fantasies for many men.
  • Sexy Outfits for Her – Nurse costumes, schoolgirl outfits, leather corsets and smart business suits. They’re just a few of the many outfits men fantasise about women wearing.


Top 5 Fantasies of Women:

  • Sex with a celebrity – They’re excited by new experiences and gorgeous stars.
  • Ménage à trois – The threesome again. Thinking about it with another woman and your guy.
  • Domination – Taboo, without the guilt. A desire for a loss of control and freedom from responsibility.
  • Sex with a woman – Not questioning your sexuality. Just to appreciate the female form and being open-minded about pleasure.
  • Sex with your guy – This is the most common fantasy for women. Maybe a replay of your hot honeymoon or some new and wildly exciting position.


the common threesome fantasy
How do you get your ‘freak’ on?

That’s What We Think – How About You?

So tell us your darkest, dirtiest little fantasy.

We are putting together a selection of the common fantasies of men and women.

Your submission will be completely confidential.

We don’t even ask you for your email address!

All we ask is that you be 18 or over and that you give us permission to later publish your fantasy.

Go ahead and get that fantasy you could never tell anyone about off your shoulders! We would love to read all about it.

Don’t hold back either! You may use explicit language and get a little freaky.

common fantasties
So what are yours?

Your Turn Now


Please don’t leave a comment unless you’ve told us your fantasy either.

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