suspicion breeds negative results in a relationship

Be Suspicious and Go Backwards

  • You think what you believe
  • You resonate what you think
  • You attract what you resonate
  • You’ll eventually be given what you attract

That is the Law of Universal Attraction at work.

I recently spoke about how a lot of people drive their soulmate away. Jeez, you had the world as your oyster, you idiot. Didn’t you?

One dark and evil place that this process takes root is with suspicion.

Usually suspicion is a habit, borne from your past.

Anyway, wherever you picked it up from, it’s a freaking dark and negative emotion.

remove suspicion and negativity
Remove suspicion and negativity, for a better life

That negativity perpetuates itself. Nothing good has come from suspicion as it feeds upon you and drives you.

Also remember I told you it’s human nature to want to be right as well.

So we are suspicious of something in our partner (that previously magical person you were so in love with, remember?).

And as it goes, we think, dwell and continually ponder on the belief, that our mind has conjured inside itself.

It has taken root in our mind, to be true.

Unfortunately, in most cases, it isn’t true but now you are looking for any evidence that you’re able to conjure up, to make it true.


What Do You Think Is The Likely Outcome?

Let’s do the flip side first though, ok.

No one is perfect, lest of all you.

But you have made a commitment to be better than yourself and strive for a successful relationship with the person you love.

You make mistakes, as does your SO.

Humans make mistakes, doncha know!


Plan A

You’ve both committed to a future together. You understand mistakes happen. You recognize you were brought together by mutual love and respect.

Working out the cause of a mistake is one thing and that’s the easy part.

Forgiving the mistake and forgetting the mistake is the learning part. Working together as a team to overcome adversity and celebrating the successes.

You know as well as I do that life is one big curve ball.

There’ll be ups and downs.

We learn from both or at least we need to.

That’s how we grow as people.

OK, so you’ve got this team of two. You have confidence your partner has you back. Do you have theirs, as well? Do you? Honestly? Without reservation, malice or judgement, in any way?

Can you hold your head high and say to the world ‘My babe has my back and I’m looking after theirs. We are WINNERS, together, forever!’

That’s winning, people.


Plan B

Despite the mistakes (which we all make as human beings) you now start to harbor suspicions.

They take root in your thoughts and you want to be right in proving them having substance.

Funny thing about proof is you can obtain it without foundation. Proof can ‘appear’ right when taken out of context.

But you’ll get it, come hell or high water.

You’ll get a mountain of it and be vindicated in your suspicions. Great news for you, isn’t it?

You suspected as much for so so long and now you’ve pieced you very own puzzle together to come up with you own judgement. Makes you feel good, doesn’t it, being right and vindicated, huh?

Eventually, you’ll end up doing what you’ve done in the past and get the same result.


The Choice Is Yours

  • Suspicion
  • Positive energy, moving forward together, as a team
  • Just how tough a choice is it?
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  1. Good article. Being a “giver” as a way of avoiding vulnerability, really stuck a chord with me. I would like to read more about that.

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