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Heyy! You clicked through from Twitter, that’s great!

Pam and I (well, mostly me) write about the things we say we write about – all things concerning relationships.

We’re adventurers in this world, just like you. So imagine yourself climbing a mountain with your loved one. Speaking of mountains, we want you to breeze through life challenges and be the best you can be – literally turn those mountains into molehills. The world is way too awesome to be held back by such a minor thing like relationship obstacles.

We want to help you along the way to bliss. Nothing big, just things that can help you take that next step.

There’s a great saying that when you’re happy and blissful in your relationship, you’re unstoppable to achieve dreams in the outside world. Imagine a few things that that might look like, for you.

Enough of my rambling.

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If you’re happy in going it alone and have no interest in leveraging some outside opinion and help etc etc … that’s cool too. We wish you all the very best!

Be curious. Be your best.


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