23 12, 2011
  • you can survive and revive after infidelity and cheating

Healing from the Pain of Infidelity

December 23rd, 2011|4 Comments

When someone commits infidelity it doesn’t always mean they want to end their marriage. It doesn’t quite make a lot of sense, but it’s true. Many times, the person cheats for ....

21 11, 2011
  • Demi and Ashton Could Have Saved The Marriage

Demi and Ashton Could Have Saved The Marriage

November 21st, 2011|1 Comment

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have announced they’re splitting up. Just when you thought there might be a chance of a workable Hollywood union, they come along and screw it up.

5 11, 2011
  • infidelity - do you check for telltale marks of cheating?

When Is It Actually Cheating?

November 5th, 2011|12 Comments

Anyway as we talked, my 2nd wife Pamela Allen recalled a story I told her a year or so ago about a late night staff outing in the Brisbane Central Business District and then something happened ...

11 09, 2011
  • Ashley Madison promotes adultery and affairs

Warning: Ashley Madison Destroys World

September 11th, 2011|5 Comments

I get a heap of junk mail, being an Internet denizen for over 25 years. Recently, I’ve seen an increase in Junk mail for the likes of Ashley Madison, Badoo and NoStringsAttached. There's piles of these sites popping up everywhere.