18 01, 2017
  • how to get breakup relief

How to Get Relief after a Breakup

January 18th, 2017|0 Comments

If a relationship has been depressing, some people might feel perfectly ok about their breakup.Here's how others can get over it all.

8 01, 2014
  • rebound from a failed relationship and breakup

The Bungie Cord and the Bounce Back

January 8th, 2014|9 Comments

Breaking up & ending a marriage is challenging. You need to regain your faith in yourself & start restoring your confidence in your true self. Purge the previous BS and rebuild.

25 07, 2013
  • you still love you ex

Getting Back with the Ex Love Who Got Away

July 25th, 2013|1 Comment

Getting back together with an ex has downsides. There are also good reasons why you might want to and here's how you can go about doing it right.

12 04, 2011
  • arguing can be healthy in a relationship

Even Healthy Relationships Have Arguments

April 12th, 2011|1 Comment

Yesterday, I said some things I shouldn't have to my wife Pamela Papier. They were said in utter frustration from my point of view - in the heat of the moment. And I knew as soon as I said it, it was wrong and regrettable.