23 06, 2012
  • sending sexy text messages called sexting

Sexting – Would You Send One Or Have You?

June 23rd, 2012|13 Comments

Sexting - have you or should you? It's quick, fun and sexually suggestive - will it work in your relationship?

24 02, 2012
  • male eyes are always looking and scanning

Understanding the Male Radar

February 24th, 2012|31 Comments

Ever wondered why guys stare at breasts? Ever thought those images are stored away, naked, for decades? Find out why this is.

28 08, 2010
  • hooters gal with nice figure and boobs - this isn't discrimination, is it?

Too Fat to be a Hooters Girl? Hmmm

August 28th, 2010|4 Comments

What's Hooter's biggest staffing problems? Would you believe it's about boobs, sexy bums and maintaining sultry curves? And they're paying for it now.