29 11, 2012
  • that first online date

The 5 Step Plan Before Meeting Someone From Online

November 29th, 2012|23 Comments

Before you meet for drinks, on the first date, there are some things you want to do to make sure that your first date goes smoothly and successfully.

27 07, 2012
  • facebook love scam

The Great Facebook Internet Love Scam Continues

July 27th, 2012|20 Comments

Social Media is a wonderful experience for connecting with friends and now a rich haven for scammers and love con schemes. Don't get caught.

18 04, 2012
  • getting a better online dating profile

5 Tips for Creating a Killer Online Dating Profile

April 18th, 2012|9 Comments

Online dating is no walk in the park. Especially if you’re that girl. In theory it sounds like it should be easy… after all you just fill out a profile online and wait for matches to roll in, right?

21 03, 2012
  • communicate like you were on facebook for better relationships and dating

Can Facebook Teach You About Relationships?

March 21st, 2012|2 Comments

Facebook has an unswerving desire to do one thing and do it extraordinarily well. To connect together every human being on the planet (and beyond, once that happens).

6 06, 2011
  • online fake profiles on facebook dating

How Dating Sites and Scammers use Fake Profiles

June 6th, 2011|37 Comments

Dating sites are big business and the market is so saturated that the competition to keep up is stiff. Companies are vying for financial gains by recruiting and maintaining new members. This is not to say that users can’t have success with dating sites, they just need to be on the lookout for fake profiles.

6 08, 2010
  • facebook dating for building healthy relationships image

Facebook Dating – Is This A Technique Or A Mistake?

August 6th, 2010|7 Comments

Social Media can be used for Facebook dating to build magical and healthy relationships. Is this the technique you should be using?