22 03, 2017
  • what men hate about women

Things Men Hate About Women

March 22nd, 2017|0 Comments

Which parts of a women’s character annoy men the most? Well, there are a lot of them. For the majority of women, these traits are far from obvious

18 01, 2017
  • how to get breakup relief

How to Get Relief after a Breakup

January 18th, 2017|0 Comments

If a relationship has been depressing, some people might feel perfectly ok about their breakup.Here's how others can get over it all.

25 05, 2014
  • taking it to the next level with your male best friend

The Next Level With Your Guy Best Friend: Learn the Cons

May 25th, 2014|3 Comments

Having a guy best friend is one of the best things a woman could have. It lets you enjoy all the perks without having the inconvenient emotional problems.

21 08, 2013
  • arguments can ruin your relationship

Something’s Gotta Give: How To Avoid Serious Conflict In A Relationship

August 21st, 2013|2 Comments

Being in a healthy relationship means being able to deal with conflicts as they arise without making things more difficult than they have to be.

19 01, 2013
  • women need to understand men better

51 Things He Wishes You Knew

January 19th, 2013|16 Comments

The gap between how men and women think has never been wider, with today's feminism. Thing is, understanding a man's world is easy. Ladies: learn these!

18 11, 2012
  • expected female physical attributes

Are Guys Attracted to Physical Beauty?

November 18th, 2012|4 Comments

Do men really judge women on the physical appearance? Well, the statistics are going to surprise you. Do women cater for the male needs of physical beauty?

27 08, 2012
  • han solo was a bad boy

Top 4 Reasons Han Solo Suffered Bad Boy Syndrome

August 27th, 2012|9 Comments

Woman the world over continually get duped by guys … bad Bad Boys. These assholes prey on ladies looking for all ‘their’ right things in a relationship. But the thing is .....

7 06, 2012
  • babydoll lingerie - prime weapon in fixing a relationship

How To Rekindle and Fix Relationships With Lingerie

June 7th, 2012|19 Comments

One of the things that often starts to become a problem in long-term relationships is that some of the excitement of the romance begins to slip away. Consider sexy and alluring lingerie as some added spice to stroke the fires (so to speak)....

9 05, 2012
  • divorce can be avoided at all costs

Why Arguing Couples Head For Divorce And How To Avoid It

May 9th, 2012|11 Comments

When it comes to arguments in a relationship, most couples are in a negative mindset.
You're heading for divorce and you both are in the downward spiral.
But there's an easy way out, provising you're willing to ask one question, to you both.

7 05, 2012
  • keep a marriage fresh with flowers

How To Keep A Marriage Fresh – After 2 Months Or 20 Years

May 7th, 2012|14 Comments

Some couples find themselves getting into a slump even at the extremely early stage of the relationship. For other couples .........