15 04, 2012
  • get true love early for lasting happiness

Find and Discover True Love – Faster and Earlier

April 15th, 2012|11 Comments

Here's how you can grab true love and happiness, earlier and faster. Use The Shopping List Method to retune your love radar to who you seek for your ultimate soulmate and partner.

4 04, 2012
  • zombie relationship are worse than real relationships

Zombie Relationships in a Post Apocalyptic World

April 4th, 2012|6 Comments

The living dead aren’t so forgiving as a real life flesh-and-blood man or woman when it comes to the apocalypse, raining down on you. When given the choice of looking for a win-win resolution, a human being with a normal brain is far likely to want to live in harmony.

2 04, 2012
  • sylvia d lucas

Interview with Sylvia D. Lucas

April 2nd, 2012|3 Comments

Any writing she posts to her website, and most of what she writes for money, is an effort to offer guidance when she can confidently give it, and an attempt to generate understanding, eliminate stereotypes, and discourage blind judgment....

22 03, 2012
  • For Women Only ebook cover

Review: For Women Only – Inner Lives Of Men

March 22nd, 2012|2 Comments

Women have always wondered how a man's mind really operates - that's probably happened since the Dawn of Man. Here's a great review of an eBook that can bring women into a man's world and create a much higher and harmonious relationship for everybody

8 03, 2012
  • Top 5 Reasons Men Fall In Love

Top 5 Reasons Men Fall In Love

March 8th, 2012|15 Comments

Men can be quirky when it comes to revealing their emotions & why they fall in love. Find out how to win a man's heart when it comes to love & romance.

28 02, 2012
  • who loves you quote

Advice In Doing The Little Things

February 28th, 2012|5 Comments

I want to talk about a way to keep your relationship from getting stale, routine, or just downright uninteresting. No, this isn’t an article about spicing up things in the bedroom.

24 02, 2012
  • male eyes are always looking and scanning

Understanding the Male Radar

February 24th, 2012|31 Comments

Ever wondered why guys stare at breasts? Ever thought those images are stored away, naked, for decades? Find out why this is.

1 02, 2012
  • women must stop nagging guys

5 Things Women Do That Men Don’t Like

February 1st, 2012|5 Comments

Nagging, sexual freedom and openness, honesty and equality are all area men wished women would improve in. We tell it like it is.

30 01, 2012
  • Do you know when the marriage is over and it's time for a divorce?

When Is It Time To Divorce?

January 30th, 2012|15 Comments

One of the hardest things about marriage is knowing when to leave. For some, the answer is and will always be, “Never, no matter what, no matter how unhappy we are or how unsalvageable the relationship. We’re married, and that means forever.” For others .....................

28 01, 2012
  • what every woman wishes men knew

Review – What Every Woman Wishes Modern Men Knew About Women

January 28th, 2012|21 Comments

He wants us not for cooking, cleaning, and sex, but for love, friendship, and sex. I finally got the chance to read What Every Woman Wishes Modern Men Knew About Women, a few days ago. An enjoyable, lighthearted adventure through the miscommunications that are human beings.