22 03, 2012
  • For Women Only ebook cover

Review: For Women Only – Inner Lives Of Men

March 22nd, 2012|2 Comments

Women have always wondered how a man's mind really operates - that's probably happened since the Dawn of Man. Here's a great review of an eBook that can bring women into a man's world and create a much higher and harmonious relationship for everybody

28 01, 2012
  • what every woman wishes men knew

Review – What Every Woman Wishes Modern Men Knew About Women

January 28th, 2012|21 Comments

He wants us not for cooking, cleaning, and sex, but for love, friendship, and sex. I finally got the chance to read What Every Woman Wishes Modern Men Knew About Women, a few days ago. An enjoyable, lighthearted adventure through the miscommunications that are human beings.