22 01, 2011
  • How you can share your deep internal thoughts for a better relationship

Can You Be An Island In A Relationship

January 22nd, 2011|2 Comments

So it’s a relatively easy thing for me to be connected to people, within conversation. I’m an externally motivated person. . What about Internal people and relationships?

13 12, 2010
  • relationships solve a great many business challenges, providing owners get out of their own way

Entrepreneurs Can’t Get Out Of Their Own Way

December 13th, 2010|7 Comments

The way you think and engage is pivotal to your success across a wide number of business and personal areas. This is increasingly more important for entrepreneurs than ever before. I was checking out a LinkedIn Group ‘I am an Entrepreneur’ that I’m a member of, where one of the group topics was around what’s the first thing or most important aspect of starting your business, if you’re deadly serious in getting it off the ground.