29 12, 2012
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Weight Loss Can Have a Negative Effect on a Relationship

December 29th, 2012|12 Comments

Weight loss can be stressful but the dieter isn’t the only person undergoing this harrowing journey. Your partner is affected by your diet efforts too.

14 12, 2012
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Why Belly Fat Can Affect Your Sex Life

December 14th, 2012|1 Comment

Are you going through a troubled sex life? Is your belly bulging out & making you tired to enjoy those romantic activities? Might be time to shed weight.

2 12, 2012
  • weight loss for women self image

Sexy Weight Loss For Every Woman

December 2nd, 2012|1 Comment

Many women suffer from one body issue, resulting in two insecurities – being self-conscious of her appearance & sexual performance. Want to know the cure?

29 03, 2012
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Top 5 Health Benefits From Sex

March 29th, 2012|9 Comments

Sex isn't just for pleasure. Sex has real world heath benefits for both men and women. Here's our Top 5 reasons why you need to have sex.