18 03, 2013
  • nerd girl with green hair

What Does A Nerd Girl Look For?

March 18th, 2013|4 Comments

Hey guys, wanna know what a nerd girls is looking for? Look no further because here's the real nerd girl truth. Wonder no more so read on.

29 05, 2012
  • MandMs together

Why Women’s Sexuality Has Always Been Destroyed By M&Ms

May 29th, 2012|17 Comments

Most women probably don’t even realise they’re not the mature sexual beings that they were meant to be. Do you know one of them?

20 05, 2011
  • relationship advice for ensuring women understand men

Why Women Are Obsolete

May 20th, 2011|0 Comments

Men are moving to unhealthy relationships. Women will soon lose their family role and be doomed. And here's why.

28 10, 2010
  • why can't reality shows make our reality better as opposed to conflict

How About a Reality Show That Creates a Better Reality

October 28th, 2010|3 Comments

Is there a reason why there isn't a Reality Show that actually tries to improve our reality instead of make a mockery of it?

28 08, 2010
  • hooters gal with nice figure and boobs - this isn't discrimination, is it?

Too Fat to be a Hooters Girl? Hmmm

August 28th, 2010|4 Comments

What's Hooter's biggest staffing problems? Would you believe it's about boobs, sexy bums and maintaining sultry curves? And they're paying for it now.

25 08, 2010
  • online media promotes unhealthy self image issues in women

Cosmo needs more of the ‘C’ word

August 25th, 2010|2 Comments

Sex and Relationship advice in Cosmopolitan magazine is giving women totally screwed advice. They're screwing with a woman's self image.

2 08, 2010
  • Time Your Sex? Do you know how long sex really should take?

Just How Long Does Sex Actually Take?

August 2nd, 2010|2 Comments

Ever wondered how long sex takes, on average? It's a common sex relationships question. Experts agree the average sex duration is a defined time range.

30 07, 2010
  • Communication can be a dropped call if you aren't aware

How To Communicate Better with Women

July 30th, 2010|1 Comment

When you understand personality types, you'll gain insight in how to communicate with women better as well as men. Obviously a good thing for dating.

19 07, 2010
  • dating women over 40 image

Are Women Over 40 Still Sexy?

July 19th, 2010|7 Comments

Thinking of dating young women? Not sure about women aged over 40 years? Well, I'll tell you that you need to rethink things about older women!