7 02, 2014
  • finding true love again is worth the effort

Love Is In The Air

February 7th, 2014|0 Comments

True love is rare. Most of us get a glimpse of the magic before it's lost again. Is it worth pain & emotional hurt to try again? YES so go get more!

9 09, 2013
  • i tried and now it is over

Don’t Bother Getting Back With An Ex

September 9th, 2013|10 Comments

One young woman's reasoning why getting back with an ex is simply the wrong course of action. There's the past or the future - decide what's best for you.

6 09, 2013
  • gentleman with red roses

Bring Back The Gentleman With Red Roses

September 6th, 2013|11 Comments

Guys are different now. Romance has changed. Women have changed but do girls still secretly crave the guys of yesterday and their red roses & romance?

16 07, 2013
  • dating age differences

Age Differences: How Much Is Too Much?

July 16th, 2013|15 Comments

Can There Really Be TOO Many Years? Age difference in relationships is a contentious issue. How much is too much of a gap? Dating can be a minefield.

11 04, 2013
  • happy over 50 dating couple

Rules For Dating When You’re Over 50

April 11th, 2013|0 Comments

Iif you’ve been single for a while, the world of dating can feel like a confusing world to re-enter when you're over 50. These are simple and easy tips.

3 04, 2013
  • finding the right engagement ring

Need Engagement Ring Ideas? Think Like a Detective

April 3rd, 2013|0 Comments

Tips for finding ideal engagement ring ideas for your girlfriend. If you’re about to propose to your girlfriend, you’d better not show up with a lame ring.

18 03, 2013
  • nerd girl with green hair

What Does A Nerd Girl Look For?

March 18th, 2013|4 Comments

Hey guys, wanna know what a nerd girls is looking for? Look no further because here's the real nerd girl truth. Wonder no more so read on.

29 01, 2013
  • finding the perfect match in the maze of life

What Makes A Perfect Match?

January 29th, 2013|5 Comments

We humans are sociable creatures and most of us have the natural urge to find a partner in life. It's helpful finding somebody that fits your needs too.

13 08, 2012
  • marrying college sweetheart

Marrying Your College Sweetheart: 3 Reasons It Will Last

August 13th, 2012|4 Comments

There is something to be said for finding love early - here's why it is possible for college sweethearts to make a successful marriage.

10 06, 2012
  • true love heart

True Love Isn’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be

June 10th, 2012|13 Comments

Did you really think true love is all there is to be had? Well, think again. There's more love to discover and find out what that is.

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