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Tantric sex is an ancient practice, originating thousands of years ago in India.

Tantra is a spiritual and physical act, designed to heal and balance sexual energy throughout the body.

The meaning of tantra is the weaving of energy and tantric sex is a slow type of passion which creates a mind and body connection to culminate in an explosive ending of breath-taking bliss.

Tantra is highly beneficial for improving your love life, as well as boosting your confidence in the bedroom.

what is tantric sex

What is tantric massage and how tantra works

Balance and connection are the main aims of tantra, with sexual enlightenment achieved via tantric massage and tantric sex.

Essentially tantric massage is a nude form of massage, offering skin on skin contact.

This massage can develop into tantric sex – a slow and sensual form of lovemaking.

Breathing and meditation

Tantra connects two people via breathing and meditation.

You can take deep slow breaths to control your sexual energy, bringing your partner to the edge of orgasm and back again.

Tantric massage is as much a holistic therapy as it is a sexual act.

For many people, tantra helps to improve self-esteem and issues of negative sexual emotions.

Ancient teachings of tantra were often written in texts and you’ll find its wisdom in Hinduism, Buddhism and yoga.

Spiritual connection

Tantra provides a spiritual and emotional connection between two people.

This erotic experience offers loving sex which enables you and a partner to connect on a deeper level.

Many couples struggling with intimacy or are lacking passion in their relationship find that tantric massage and tantra enhances their relationship by stimulating their sexual energy.

Couples are able to discover new ways of pleasuring each other and are able to communicate what they like and what they don’t like.

Heightened sexual knowledge

Tantric massage is a new sexual experience for many, introducing them to the art of tantra.

Learning how to satisfy yourself and your partner via the sexual energy built up and moved through the body, enhances a relationship.

The heightened sexual knowledge gained via tantra techniques enables you to fully unwind with your partner and end your session in an extreme state of bliss.


Tantric massage is highly beneficial for promoting relaxation.

With tantra roots being found in yoga and meditation, this stress relieving practice is known for its holistic ability.

Tantric massage can begin with a steamy shower, helping to soothe you and connect with your partner.

You can then move to a comfortable area and surround yourself with soft music, candles and scented oil to create a romantic ambience.

The teasing, playful touch of sensual massage then builds sexual energy throughout the body.

Personal evolution

Using erotic massage and slow lovemaking as a path to enlightenment provides personal evolution.

Many people who decide to participate in tantra have struggled with issues, such as premature ejaculation, negative feelings towards sex, low self-esteem and intimacy issues.

The personal progression which occurs via the art of tantra is a positive one.

Tantra allows one to find inner peace and contentment.

After learning tantra, people are able to express themselves sexually and feel good about it.

The cultivation of sexual energy throughout the body enables you to experience a mental, emotional and physical connection.

In tantra, the act of sex is sacred, allowing us to experience a part of enlightenment.

With the connection of two bodies, sexual energy flows throughout to refresh and heal.

How to do tantric massage with a partner

You can experience tantric massage with a partner in the comfort of your own home.

  • Turn out the lights and burn a few candles.
  • Loosen your body and start by rubbing oil all over your partner’s body.
    • Use light, feathery touches.
  • Slowly make your way around their body with gentle strokes.

Remember to focus on your breathing.

Inhale when your partner exhales and vice versa.

You can put your hand on your partners heart to help focus on your breathing.

Look into each other’s eyes and focus on your breath for one to two minutes.

This will enhance your emotional connection.

You can start to give more skin on skin contact by using body to body movements.

Sit in your partner’s lap and press your body against each other.

Move slowly as you build into sex.


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