Try some easy ways in getting awesome product or service testimonials

How much do you think testimonials impact your product’s credibility?

Promoting trust in your brand – testimonials.

If you had the chance to catch my story on ‘Dangers on Social Media Business Marketing’, you’ll have quickly picked up on the fact that for potential customers to part of their hard-earned money and buy your product or service, they need several things to happen inside their heads.

And a huge area is confidence – confidence they’re not the first ones to buy from you.

People subconsciously never want to make a fool of themselves in buying something and it does not work, in some way. You can almost hear the line ‘Well, of course, that silly thing was going to break. What were you thinking? I’ve never heard of anyone using that’.

So we’re presented with the dilemma of you having a product you want people to invest in and they’ve never heard of it, possibly, because it’s new on the market.

What’s the answer?



If you’ve had anyone purchase from you, you should also be asking for a testimonial. And be perfectly OK in doing it as the majority of people will be happy you ask how they’re going with things. It’s a follow-up, you’re showing interest and after-sales service.

If their view is somehow disappointing, it’s going to give you the valuable opportunity to fix the problem as well as ensure it never recurs.

That’s enormously helpful to any business.


My advice in getting a testimonial

Never get the customer to write it.

Many will go into procrastination mode as it’s sometimes challenging to construct a creative testimonial. And usually, it’s not going to be what you’re after either.

Construct your own testimonial list of questions as different people will answer some questions stronger.

Answering a defined list of questions is easy!

So the process?

  • Get a customer photo, their full name and position in their company as well as location details.
  • Obtain the answers and write up the testimonial, based on their answers but only use the stronger areas you’re after to highlight your product/service.
  • And then ask for their sign-off which typically will be instant. Job done.


Example questions might look like

[1] Tell me about three benefits you loved most about our XYZ Widget

[2] Could you please explain why you chose our XYZ Widget over our competition

[3] What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from buying our XYZ Widget?

[4] What are some of the things you found as a result of buying our XYZ Widget?

[5] Would you recommend our XYZ Widget? If so, why?

[6] What specific feature did you like most?

[7] Is there anything you’d like to add?


You’ll need to ensure your customer is fully aware of what is going on with these questions. Let them know along these lines:

“I know it can be a bit challenging to sit down to write any sort of testimonial. With that in mind, I came up with a list of questions to help.  If you’d like to send me your answers, I’ll edit them into a testimonial format and send it back for your approval before I use it.”

Got any questions or suggestions on Testimonials yourself?

Testimonials Build Trust, Confidence and Brand 1

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One thought on “Testimonials Build Trust, Confidence and Brand”
  1. Oh dear Lord – that's for this one, Martin.
    I've been trying to get customers to spring with testimonials for ages and it just seems impossible. I'm beginning to see why now. Thank you for the tips as well as the structure – we're going to swing this into action over the Christmas period while my staff have low activity.

    You are a never ending treasure trove and wealth of knowledge!

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