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The 5 Step Plan Before Meeting Someone From Online

Online dating has become the norm for many singles.

It doesn’t matter how often you date that first meeting is always the most nerve-wracking.

Before you meet for drinks there are some things you want to do to make sure that your first date goes smoothly and successfully, check it out:

meeting online isn_t always like it seems
Things aren’t always like they seem, on face value


Check Them Out

Once you have decided to schedule a first date you want to make sure they are actually who they appear to be.

Safety first.

You can do something as easy as googling their name and Facebooking them.

This will give you an idea of who they are as well as pull up anything newsworthy. You can always take it a step further by running a background check on the person. This may seem extreme but definitely necessary.

I had a friend who was planning to meet up with a man she met online but did an online search for any public records and sure enough the man had been in trouble with domestic violence arrest.


Tell Someone

Once you have chosen a place and time to meet this new person, tell someone.

tell someone before you go dating
Whether you’re a guy or gal, tell someone where you’re going and with whom
Stay safe – despite your gender

Tell a friend or family member where you are going, at what time, what time they should expect you home and with whom.

Give them that person’s information, name, photo, contact info etc. Unfortunately, not everyone online is trustworthy and you need to always be careful, telling a friend where you are will help in case something arises.

With that said, don’t go into the date worried that something bad is going to happen, just always be aware of what is going on around you.


Get Comfortable

Don’t rush into things before you are ready.

Take the time you need to get to know the person before meeting them to make sure this is someone you could potentially date. Emails, phone calls and texts are a good way to communicate.

Have fun with it and take turns asking fun questions like ‘What did you want to be when you grew up’ etc.

Agree to a first date when you feel ready and comfortable.


Be Positive

Keep positive and remember that first dates are infamous for going wrong.

Dating can be tough but shouldn’t be stressful.

Everyone is typically nervous on their first date or two, so give them some credit.

It’s okay if the first date lacks spark, try it again and see where that leaves you. A connection comes in many different forms and may take longer for some.


Plan It

Once you have decided to make the move, plan something that is simple and a good opportunity for you two to chat.

Skip the obvious movie and dinner dates and try something like a park picnic or mini golf.

Keep the dates short so that way you can always have a way out fast if needed. A good first date to try out is the ‘let’s grab a bite and a drink’, so that way you don’t have to sit through a long meal if you both are uncomfortable.

And if you two hit off you are more than welcome to extend the date into a dinner, desert or another drink.

Online dating can be tons of fun if you keep a positive attitude and plan interesting dates.

Remember safety comes first and to only plan to meet if you are one hundred percent comfortable and confident in the date.

Good luck and happy dating!


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23 thoughts on “The 5 Step Plan Before Meeting Someone From Online”
  1. Yes its really very important to check and get all the imformations of other online person before meeting or contacting anyone.
    Thank you
    Lola A. Kyles

  2. Really enjoyed these tips, especially that idea of giving it a little time to develop, rather than instantly making a call on the first date (though if it’s terrible, it’s terrible!). I think when people are new to online dating, they don’t realize that, when you move it to the in-person stage, it’s just like any other kind of dating.

    1. Oh, too true, Leah.
      When I was dating, I used online all the time. The very first thing I did was to arrange a meet up over coffee to get a real sense for the lady. Some good and some not so good.
      Did you ever do the online dating thing yourself?

      1. Yes, I did. That’s how I met my fiance, actually. There are lot of difficulties in online dating, but no more than in offline dating. Overall, I think it did a great job of widening my perspective and making me more open minded about who would be right for me. How did you find it?

        1. Oh that’s so cool to hear a great success story, Leah
          I only ever used online dating, after my first divorce and meet some incredible women because of it. That’s where I meet my current wife, Pam, actually.
          And I used Facebook as the online dating medium too.
          Which did you use?

          1. That’s great! I’m glad it worked for you, too. I went for the triumvirate — Match, JDate and eHarmony. It was a pretty intense time. :-) What did you use?

  3. It’s always good to know someone new and the excitement doubles if it’s someone from the ‘internet’. It’s always better if you check them out and talk about them with at least one trusted friend so that they can help you see the person from a different perspective maybe.. Thanks for sharing.

  4. “Your thoughts are so informative. It was nice reading this blog. I experienced meeting someone from the online world and it was amazing. We’ve known each other way back in college but merely just by faces. We found each other on Facebook and that was the only time we really communicated. I did the same precautions just like what you included in this blog. And we ended up marrying each other. This could be a great experience if you follow these tips. I hope this can help others who have plans of doing so. Great job!

  5. I have to admit that most of my friends are people I just met online. I guess one precaution we must always take is to never meet them alone. Always meet in groups or at least bring someone along. I usually meet them with big groups of people I know. It’s not that we don’t trust them but we need to keep ourselves safe.

  6. Thank you for sharing this. I’m planning to meet someone this weekend and I’m a bit scared. These tips will definitely help. Going to keep my fingers crossed!

  7. Dating is such an enjoyable endeavor and must remain so even if it means researching about the person you are about to meet first. I completely agree that safety is of utmost importance and that being extra cautious is really a must. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  8. I haven’t dated anyone from the online world, but i have met a few online friends and it was just great. These are important steps to consider. Thanks for the share.

      1. No hesitation as such, Martin. Never really though of it actually. I have always used internet for friendship and have made great friends here. I won’t mind dating too, if I will feel like it someday :)

          1. Yes, I am a kinda stay at home girl. I work from home so meeting people outside becomes a bit difficult. Not any bad experience really as of now, but I would surely like to try it.

  9. A wonderful plan. To be honest, meeting my online friends in real life has always been a no-no to me. Yet, after reading this, I have some doubts. Maybe, online dating can be safe. I think next time when somebody asks me out, I will give it a try.

    1. You’re posing some interesting thoughts here, Diane and thank you for your visit too.
      Can you share why mixing the online and offline friends has been a no-no to you?
      I’m curious now.

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