what type of man do you want to meet

Which Man Type Do You Like?

want some surfer dude
Want some surfer dude?

A man with a passion is always attractive, but a man who’s living his passion is simply admirable, and sexy even.

It means that he is audacious enough to really pursue what he loves doing and disciplined enough to strive for it.

Athletes are known for this.

And for women, meeting some of these physically attractive and mentally sharp individuals should be on their dating list.

Learn more about passion, fun, and endurance as you get to know more about these must-meet types of male athletes.


The Surfer Dude

A guy whose hobbies include soaking under the sun and conquering the waves in nothing but boardshorts is cute enough, so a pro surfer is probably five times cuter!

Not all ladies might dig this type of athlete, after all, he’s probably romancing the sea more than he should be spending time with his girlfriend.

But getting to know a surfer will allow you to create a deeper relationship with nature. Perhaps the best thing about surfing is being in a place where worries and stress are blown away by the ocean.

I don’t know about you, but walking barefooted, hand in hand in the sand, and against the illuminating sunset is a panoramic scene.

And I wouldn’t mind sharing with a man who can show off just how easy it is for him to maneuver an overly large board with both his upper and lower body strength.


The Pro Runner

The (not so) dashing debonair Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory once said, “Love is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, a relentless pursuit that only ends when she falls into your arms.

So just imagine what kind of determination a track and field athlete has, whether it’s accomplishing his own sport or pursuing you.

A man who loves running also serves as a great company because his sport is something that even you can enjoy.

Running together early morning just before the sun rises could be a perfect time for you to bond and get to know each other better.

You may find it difficult to keep up with him when running together, given his professional skill, but he’ll surely be nice enough to adjust his pace just so he can be side by side with you.


The Race Car Driver

Whether you have an innate daredevil in you or have always been scared of breaking the rules and living on the edge, a fearless race car driver will surely take you to another level of euphoria.

While at the back of your mind you might be thinking what a crazy fool he is for risking his life, you probably couldn’t help but be impressed by his boldness as you watch him drive at 300 kph.

If you’re brave enough, hop on that speeding car!

After doing so, you’ll realize how lucky you are to be alive and feel proud about doing what you never thought you’d be able to do before.


The Golf God

With a rather tamed crowd and a quiet atmosphere, golf can sometimes be perceived by ladies as a sophisticated gentleman’s sport.

From their neat collared shirt to their custom-fitted golf shafts, enthusiasts of this sport exude a different kind of subtle yet manly confidence. Plus, golf is actually something new and exciting that you can try.

His teaching you how to hold the club and hit that tiny ball requires very close physical movements.

Now wouldn’t that be nice?


The Chess Master

Have you ever tried watching a chess match and wondered how those players are astonishingly capable of blocking off all the outside noises and just concentrating on the game?

No need to show off abs or biceps, chess athletes are admired for their mental skills.

Going out with this type of man will inspire you to be more focused on what’s important while strategizing better on your next move and decision making.



When it all comes down to it, here’s what really matters to me …

men types so choose wisely
The other 2 types – so choose wisely

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