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Top 3 Dating Sites for Thailand 2020

There are many Thai dating sites on the internet these days but not all are created equal, that’s for sure.

The majority of these websites startup for a short time and then close down because running an online dating site is serious business.

In the several years I’ve been using them I’ve seen more than a dozen of them open and close within 6 months.

Yeah sure running a dating website might seem like a good business opportunity but like any online business, it’s a lot of hard work.

So here are the Top 3 Thai Dating Sites that have been around for a long time and that also see continual member growth.

I’ve used all 3 during my time in Thailand, with varying results.

Remember ALL dating sites are about providing a service to members and they themselves are a business needing to make money. I’m sure you have a job that you get paid for, right?


ThaiFriendly login screenshot

ThaiFriendly is the first typical go-to Thai Dating Site when first starting out when you’re looking for a Thai girl or ladyboy to meet in Thailand.

It was one of the first online dating sites I used before I even came to Thailand.

Like every other online dating websites in existence, it’s free to join so don’t be afraid to jump right in and get started :)


1 – Being one of the first Thai Dating sites, it ‘boasts’ millions of Thai women as online members.

2 – 10 minute wait on messaging – so if you’re prepared to wait, you can send free messages every 10 minutes or so.

The unfortunate part of this is this is also a big CON (read below for more).

3 – 8 years established – good to know it’s not going away soon like many other dating sites.

4 – Mobile app available


1 – The interface remains unchanged since this site was put online so it’s starting to show serious signs of age, in a world of responsive design that’s needed on desktop and mobile devices.

Maybe it’s just me but I use a desktop computer as well as a tablet and smartphone so having a consistent user interface is a nice thing to have – ThaiFriendly doesn’t have that.

Since it seems to be using old technology, there are often errors and timeouts which makes for a painful experience.

2 – While there might appear to be millions of members, the true figures are significantly less than what’s being advertised.

The real facts of their active members might be as low as thousands, not millions. You’re able to readily see when Thai women were last online, you see.

It might be me but it does appear that this site is becoming far less popular with Thai women and probably because of the next reason below.

3 – Scammers Galore

The biggest problem with free messaging is this attracts hordes of the Internet’s scammers.

When scammers don’t need to pay, they use scripts to do the first messaging and humans to take over the scam once contact has been made.

ThaiFriendly is rife with scammers for this very reason.

4 – Mobile app inconsistent with Desktop version

All in all, ThaiFriendly has a decent range of Thai ladies to choose from.

There are many that are prostitutes or freelancers and there’s an increasing number of scammers.

Give it a go and see if you like it though.







Thai Cupid homepage

ThaiCupid is the grand old ‘Big Daddy’ of dating sites for Thailand.

CupidMedia, the founders, have niche dating sites for most parts of the world and use the same interface for them all – and that tired interface and technology is really showing these days :)

I’ve paid a number of times over the years for the membership upgrade too.

My experience is Thai women tend to hang out here just to kill some time and chat.

I can’t recall 1 time that a chat on ThaiCupid resulted in even a coffee meeting.

Your experience might differ so give it a try.


1 – ‘Boasts’ big member numbers – a good statistic to have lol

2 – 12 years established

3 – Good coverage of Thailand

4 – Mobile app available (though it looks and feels nothing like its website interface)


1 – Old Confusing interface – nothing much has changed in 12 years, sadly.

2 – Pay for All Messaging – nothing is free.

For me, this is a big ‘NO GO’ for any dating site.

Anyone looking to get themselves into a product really does want to try it out, in some way.

To get an idea of the way messaging works on ThaiCupid, you must pay/upgrade your dating profile account.


3 – Messaging limits even when you upgrade

Yeah, I was surprised too.

Even when I paid for an upgrade, they have limitations on the number per day of messages you can send.

That’s a shitty deal when you’ve got free time to do some message blasting to get started.

4 – Most expensive of the 3 Thai dating sites I’m looking at here

5 – Big member numbers don’t mean quality

meaning Thai girls come here mostly to kill time.A bunch of tire-kickers

6 – Advertising

I mean really?

It’s 2019 and these guys are still throwing shitty advertising banners at users.

OK, it disappears if you upgrade which I guess is their incentive.

7 – appears to be used less and less in Thailand

I rarely hear of Western guys using ThaiCupid these days.

Maybe because it’s old and tired.

You often see website errors since they are still using ColdFusion as their coding language (which seems to have been a dead coding language for some time)

Certainly, it’s expensive for not much return as I said previously so your ROI is small.




ThaiRomances login screen - clean Material Design

A relative newcomer when compared to the other 2 above but has been running for 6 years so it’s well established too.

ThaiRomances.com has been developed by actual people who date other people lol

It’s immediately obvious this dating site has taken the best features and thrown out the redundant and tired features from all the other older dating sites.

After all, isn’t that what you would want?


1 – Consistent Modern Interface

Whether you know it or not, users of Internet sites unconsciously judge their experiences based on how a website works and feels.

In the time I’ve used ThaiRomances, the site is under refinement – that’s a great thing because they’re adding features for all of us users :)

2 – Good balance on Messaging

So I’ve talked about the dangers of free messaging (because of scammers) used with ThaiFriendly AND the downsides of no messaging at all used by ThaiCupid.

ThaiRomances uses a nice balance in-between.

If you’re looking to chat inside their messaging system just to chat then you’re likely to be able to do this all day long.

If you’re a free member blasting out your contact info then you’re going to be blocked, as part of their anti-scammer policies – that’s a good thing for everyone, in my opinion.

This balance on messaging keeps all their members protected from ‘Internet nasties’

3 – Admin Messaging

This feature is simply wonderful.

And one I’ve never ever seen before on any other dating site.

Your Welcome message is sent directly to you from the Admin account.

And you can also ask questions directly in this message thread where a real live person will reply to help you.

4 – Brilliant anti-scam technology

Since the platform is built by people who also date and used dating software, in the past, protecting their members from the scammers of this world is continually high on their list.

It’s these things that you don’t see working in the background that you become thankful for ‘having your back.’

5 – Most affordable pricing

‘Nuff said.

When you’re serious and doing your price comparisons, you won’t beat ThaiRomances on pricing either.

6 – No Advertising

I hate seeing banner advertising and I’m guessing so do you.

You’ll be thankful for ThaiRomances not burning your eyes with shitty flashy advertising.

It’s a pleasant change so you can just focus on getting your dating groove on.

7 – Platform under active development

This is one of the best reasons for using this dating site.

Over the years, it’s changing with the times and technologies. Something that can’t be said for ThaiCupid and ThaiFriendly – these 2 old sites just keep forcing you to use the same old tired interface they originally launched with.

This is also true for your security and your personal information as well.

New technology has far fewer security holes so you can rest assured that ThaiRomances is a far more secure website than the others.



1 – No mobile app

To be honest about the only thing I can think of that counts against this one is a lack of a mobile app in an AppStore.

It’s an area some people might want.

On the flip side, it’s easy to add to your home screen on any mobile.

It currently supports native Android notifications if you’re using Chrome, Firefox or Opera, or any other Chromium-based browser.

These notifications also hold true for those browsers on the desktop too.

Sorry iPhone users but Safari, unfortunately, is actually old technology and Apple only wants you (currently) in their AppStore. Hopefully, Safari embraces notifications soon.

[Edit May 30, 2021]

Android users now have access to a mobile version – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE ANDROID APP

or join via the website below




Wrap up to Who’s the Best

ThaiRomances.com is my choice as the best and better Thai dating site you should be sticking with, for the long haul.

There certainly are a great many other sites too.

Just be aware of the many pitfalls of free sites as well as the ones that are new (with their owners thinking maintaining a dating website is easy to do which it isn’t).

And certainly do tell me your own experiences with any of these 3 or ones you’ve had success and failures with, in your own little Thailand dating journey, in the comments below.

Happy and safe dating out there to you all.

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