recipe for love for man and woman

Get ready to find out all the needed ingredients, cooking utensils and baking times to whip up your ideal and tasty ‘love crème brûlée’.

Shopping List

Ingredient One – Male

  • strong and taut textures
  • mainly served straight up
  • can sometimes have a little too much gristle
  • often needs a fair amount of tenderising (using a heavy mallet is best)


Ingredient Two – Female

  • soft and often light texture
  • usually served as a delicate dessert due to complexity
  • new chefs will often confuse flavours and tastes so it’s best to buy by carefully reading the label and checking undesired additives


How To Have The Ideal Recipe for Love 1
Always check the packaging to ensure you’re not allergic to any additives

Needed Utensils

  • large mixing bowl (experiment with ethnic varieties too)
  • meat tenderiser (do I really need to say why?)
  • water (many cooks replace this with Scotch or some other hard liquor)


Mixing Technique

Now you can have quite a few varieties these days.

Initially, combine both male and female portions slowly and blend with care so as the qualities of one doesn’t overpower the other. Take it slow to begin with … let the seasonings and tang of each meld into the other.

The first stage of mixing can be tough going so stir using quite a bit of elbow grease and determination.

Usually it’s best to rest the bowl after each and every introduction of a new quantity of each, to ensure the infusion of the flavours combine correctly. Again, you risk the danger of one overpowering the other.

How To Have The Ideal Recipe for Love 2
Remember every recipe needs a little added seasoning – such as loving compliments and reminders of each other’s wonderful flavours

Depending on the qualities of where your male and female ingredients were obtained, you’ll find a taste test of your current blend will reveal subtle hints of hot condiments. This is quite normal, and after a little time, these will subside and hopefully blend away.

Keep stirring and add more and more of both your ingredients. More heat is likely to build and you might be tempted to stop stirring but that’s the potential trap to this recipe.

A lot of cooks give up at this point, thinking they’ve failed.

Like a good leg of lamb, you’ve got to keep basting and tenderising, knowing there’ll be a grand feast along the way.

Cooking Tip: You might be tempted to improve on this successful recipe, by throwing in another dose of one of the main ingredients, thinking one has gone off the boil or the flavour is fading.

Rarely will an additional ingredient introduction be a success.

You’ll discover only a superficial taste improvement and often times, the entire baking process will turn sour.

You’ll need to throw out the whole mess and start over.


Oven and Baking Time

If you’ve got this far, congratulations.

It’s a tricky recipe to make and most beginner chefs will have gone through many failed attempts at the correct permutations, shopping for their preferred brands and carefully ensuring there are no additives they’ll be allergic too.

Get that oven turned up slowly – its a subtle process and you don’t want to burn things.

Too much heat will see the uncooked contents overflow and make a mess of your oven. The right temperature can also see a unique by-product in the making of a cupcake recipe – more on this in a later cooking article.

Leave in the oven for about 7 years, being the currently accepted cooking time frame.

You’ll see things rise and ebb over this time but the cooked dish has a shelf life for eternity.

Food without an expiry date?



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9 thoughts on “How To Have The Ideal Recipe for Love”
  1. I read your Blog with laughter gurgling in my body Martin.
    and the first through that sprung to mind, was oh but for the innocence of first love, where “anything’s possible” and the world is rosy…. lol

    Love the swing and the tang that is mixed into your ingredients.

    Love the play that is enacted through the dance you portray.

    and to know the ingredients is to allow myself the gift of leaving all pre-conceived notions of what must be away …. Recipe ditched …. and Create the Union with my Man that is filled with Love and Harmony where the dance of the ages is the JoY of Now…..

    1. I had a great time actually writing it, Tetka. And from the point of view of first love innocence too.
      It still holds enormous meaning to my beliefs and the path of love, between two aligned individuals.
      May yours bake a well deserved pie :)

  2. Very interesting tips ;) I loved the metaphor!!! It was very smart, and sweet like a creme brûlée! Love makes the world go round, and we all need some help to love more and better!
    Thank you for the great post!

    1. Thanks Sara – glad you enjoyed it.
      I must say, it was fun writing it as well – I know I should have included some dark chocolate in there somewhere too :)

      The more love we can give, the more we receive – don’t you think?

      1. I totally agree with you! :) We must not be stingy about love! It’s free and it’s the best thing that could happen to any of us in this planet!

  3. I think a large direction in this recipe is to not be afraid to experiment. If something didn’t work before, try again using a different ingredient or technique. In my opinion, love is about being fearless. It’s about being willing to take a chance on another person and giving them the ability to break your heart.

    1. I'm not entirely sure 'fearless' is the meaning I was trying to convey but certainly brave as well as aware that there are wrong combinations that should be avoided and taken into account.

      I've always said that the one person who has the ability to decimate you is the one you've given your heart entirely to. Definitely agree there, Allyson and its a good point everyone should remember too.

      My recent post Do You Know The First Relationship Law?

  4. This is amazing! Love is a wonderful thing if only you use the right recipes to make it complete and make it last to eternity. Patience, commitment and determination are must be ingredients to have a successful relationship. The couple need to be careful to do the right things( ingredients) not to annoy the other. There is need to add new things( flavours and seasoning) into the relationship to make it sweet, enjoyable and stronger. You can be sure to enjoy every bit of love with these kind of recipes.

    1. What a fabulous addition to the post, Alphan. Thank you so much for your comment.

      It needs to be a recipe built on so many unique but common ingredients, as you say. Patience, commitment and determination are certainly those 'must have' ones, for sure. Understanding, true trust as well as the honest ability to talk are certainly others that I would count in the recipe mix as well.

      Thanks so much for your comments. Truly something I loved reading.

      My recent post Do You Know The First Relationship Law?

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