My Love Story

Today is the official 3rd wedding anniversary of Pamela Allen and Martin Cooney – the loving togetherness that is the two of us.

I was instantly attracted to Pam when we met on Facebook.

It was the same for me and what I thought at a much deeper level.

One of utter love and admiration … and a certain ‘knowing’.

Apart from her beauty, Pam has an aura that envelopesd me in such a trusting way.


The Journey

We’re two individual people so you know as well as I do that there’s going to be a ‘rub’.

We’ve had some disastrous disagreements – every couple does.

That’s what we learn from and grow from, as a foundation.

We have different value systems as well as those hormonal reactions.


The Growth

I still vividly remember our earlier days, the good and the bad times – there were both, naturally.

During that first week, on our first face to face date in Bali, we truly believed that we were soul-mates forever.

You might be thinking that was just first-lovers’ words.

Well, I’d agree with you too.

Martin J Cooney 21 Nov 2012  …  The autumn of life
The start of experience
The lust of youth
The doorway to the journey

What I find amazing is holding onto this belief sets the direction of where your relationship is headed.

We’ve both been through previous relationships and knew with an amount of certainly what is was that we both wanted from that next partner.

The majority of those intrinsic qualities were looking at us in the face.


What’s the Relationship Lesson I Want To Pass On?

When you begin a new relationship, you both need to talk about your pending relationship from a holistic level.

Keep touching on what you’re looking for.

Be OK to talk about it.

Forget those age old myths of keeping your feelings to yourself – that’s asking for more secrets to amass and dive the wedge in.

Think of it this way.

Would you personally prefer to start building an understanding of your relationship foundation or would you prefer to continue in a haze of uncertainty, in not knowing what your current partner is thinking?


Common Sense

It probably comes with age and I hate saying that.

I’d challenge anyone to argue that point – providing both parties are being honest, that is.

And it isn’t about ‘completing’ each other either.

completely true

Completely true

It’s simply acceptance of one another and what we each bring to the partnership in making it (and each other) stronger, in the face of all those life challenges.

So the common sense is: stick with it, show understanding and a little compromise and both work on solutions, for mutual reward.



I love you, Pamela Allen!

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