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The Male G-Spot Discovered

You’ll read copious information on pleasuring women, using their buds of pleasure called the male G-Spot or H-Spot or Prostate Orgasm.

When you get your woman primed for G-Spot stimulation, you both will discover pleasures that she only dreamed about when it comes to a different type of orgasm.

Well, it’s about time that women understood that their man has a G-Spot all his very own.


The Taboo of the Anus

location of prostate gland
Taboo or Pleasure?
Only you can decide, providing you have an open mind and a willingness. Do you?

The unfortunate aspect of the male G-Spot is it revolves around the Prostate Gland.

The Prostate just happens to be only accessible via the anal opening.

If your lady partner is inhibited, it’s likely you’ll be somewhat challenged in you both being able to give the male equivalent of the G-Spot orgasm since the anus is still a taboo area.


Inhibitions or just Misinformation?

Let’s look at this in a clinical environment though.

The vagina is a body opening.

The mouth is yet another orifice that is a pleasure zone.

Each has its own set of germs, bacteria as well as pleasure.

How so does the anal cavity get such a bad reputation? Ok, it’s a place of poop – big deal.

That’s one function and has a number of others – just depends on your personal inhibitions as well as your thoughts on how you think your man deserves pleasure as much as you do, via a different bodily opening.

What are the positives in rethinking and considering a different mindset?

  • This isn’t about force.
  • It’s not about pressure.
  • There isn’t a need for pain.
  • And we’re talking about the trust and pleasure between two consenting adults who have a desire to give as well as receive pleasure from each other.

With that said, an exploration of the anus should really be exciting, if thought about and done correctly, shouldn’t it?


Initial Considerations

So another peek at the exact position of the male G-Spot.

It’s the Prostate Gland which is located about 2 inches inside the anal opening.

It’s a pleasure-filled little bud of nerve endings – that applies to both genders too.


For All You Ladies – Here Are Your Benefits!


Impotence is generally defined as the inability to achieve an erection.

Prostate massage can help men overcome impotence by stimulating the flow of seminal fluid and increasing circulation.

Improved Ejaculation

The intensity of your ejaculation can be improved through prostate massage.

Many men report heightened sexual experiences when the prostate is stimulated, and regular massage can create an “exploding” ejaculation.

Outside Health: The Benefits of Prostate Massage
Total Prostate: Healthy Prostates Can Also Benefit From Massage as Preventative Therapy

Improved Ejaculation, Reduction in the Occurrence of Impotence, and an Increased Pleasure for your Man all sound like some fantastic reasons to consider overcoming any taboos surrounding another body opening, wouldn’t you agree?


Liberal Dose of Forethought

Like any anal encounter, be prepared. That small opening is a huge centerpiece of pleasure-focussed nerve-endings if you’re able to let go and go with the flow of trust, with someone you can talk to and actually trust.

As I said, it’s a small opening so use lots of lubrication and go slow. Steady as she goes, people.

Make sure you’re both comfortable in verbalizing what’s going on and speak up if you need to take a break, go slower, or go a little faster.

It’s an open environment between two people so speak up and enjoy.



Use the pinky finger and work your way up. Remember that lube.

It’s proven that massage of both the testicles and prostate stimulate blood flow to those organs. That’s a health benefit to both, to keep them functioning and stem illness and other ailments.

It’s suggested, regular massage can curb the likelihood of cancer, in later life. Man or woman, that a fabulous consideration to keep in mind.

OK, vibrators and probes or varying shapes and sizes should certainly be considered. The type that’s right for you both is for your to decide.

Check out our own Online Adult Shop for what could be waiting for you, just around the corner.

Keep safe, keep lubricated and enjoy your pleasure.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

Nice to see you made it to the end of the post. Here’s what you can do next:

  • Do you think you’re up for the challenge or is the taboo holding you back?
  • If you’ve experienced giving or getting this pleasure, please share as well.
  • Click one of the Share buttons – your friends can then read this article too.

And thanks for reading too – Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “The Male G-Spot Discovered”
  1. It’s very much there. The right touch and rub and I have felt like I was emptying like I had never emptied before.

    1. You are very lucky to have experienced this, you know that, don’t you? :)
      I only researched and wrote about this during my last marriage, with a wife that is somewhat of a prude so very limited experimentation and no talk about my pleasure.
      It is a hugely magical experience to have a partner willing to go into what is usually a Western ‘tabboo’ so kudos to you for getting to this holy of grails.
      Was your partner initially a little timid by the thought of this?

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